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Your Kids Will Love These Holiday- Themed Puzzles

Your Kids Will Love These Holiday- Themed Puzzles

Working parents in Dubai get anxious as the holiday time approaches; it is the time when they start the brainstorming sessions and look for nurseries and preschools that can keep the kids engaged throughout the day.

Year Foundation Framework

If you live nearby JLT, Dubai then you don’t need to worry at all. Mosaic Nursery is a decent option with a well-trained staff and a safe environment for your child to learn and grow.

Mosaic is one of the best nurseries in Dubai that follow British Early Year Foundation Framework. This year Mosaic has followed puzzles theme so they have aplenty puzzle play activities to keep the kids involved, think, move and laugh in a fun-filled environment. The puzzles not only keep the kids busy but improve many other learning areas as well.

There are lots of preschools in Dubai but Mosaic focuses on grooming the kids with love and care. Mosaic is the best British Preschool in Dubai which respects the individuality of children; hence one activity that interests one child may not interest the other one therefore the teacher will design puzzle play activities as per the preference, interests, educational and developmental need of your child.

Problem Solving Skills

The classrooms at Mosaic are themed with age-appropriate puzzles to help kids develop cognitive skills, creative thinking, problem-solving skills, visual discrimination skills, increases the concentration and attention span of kids, hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, learn shapes, colors, alphabets, numbers, etc.

The puzzle and game centers make the learning so fun-filled that your kid will surely love these holidays at Mosaic Nursery.

The teachers have carefully collected different types of puzzles to keep the kids involved throughout the day. The puzzle centers have a variety of wooden puzzles, floor puzzles, alphabet puzzles, numbers puzzles, colors puzzles, shapes and pattern puzzles, rhymes puzzles, bingo puzzles, and memory matching activities, etc.

The kids are introduced with a variety of peg puzzles. At the age of two, they can grab the piece of a puzzle and identify through a picture where to place it. It improves there motor skills and also enhances their concentration level. It is an easy and self-correcting puzzle.

When the kids understand the concept of puzzles and get used to peg puzzles, they are then introduced to without peg puzzles activities which require more cognitive thinking and coordination. The picture on the box is shown to the kids to make the activities interesting and less frustrating for kids. The teachers are there to guide them as these puzzles require some help.

The next stage is jigsaw puzzles which require more concentration and cognitive thinking.

Themed Puzzles

Themed puzzles make difficult subjects more interesting for kids. For instance, there are puzzles that feature body parts so you can teach eyes, nose, hands, leg, etc. See and spell the word puzzles reinforces the visual skills of kids even when they don’t know how to read. Picture sequencing puzzles enhance the vocabulary and help during story-telling sessions. The clock puzzle helps to introduce the concept of hours and minutes to the toddlers.

Check out the Mosaic Nursery JLT Dubai before the holiday season starts and make your kids happy and productive throughout their holidays.

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