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Why Reading To Your Kids In Your Home Language Will Help Them Become Better Readers

Why Reading to Your Kids in Your Home Language Will Help Them Become Better Readers

Parents put a lot of emphasis on ‘reading’ which is great! They buy stories books, religious books, bedtime stories and non fictional books to build a habit of reading in their children from early age.

Modern parents discourage reading to their kids in home language as they consider it not only out of fashion but also useless. For a city like Dubai that has more expats than the locals, it’s not rare to find people from different ethnic background nor it is seems weird or a negative trait to speak or read in your home language.

If you are one of those parents who don’t appreciate reading in home language, then you really need to read this article to understand the importance of reading to your children in your home language and how it can help them become better readers.

  • Home language connects to the soul:

The attention span of toddlers is not more than five to ten minutes. Therefore collect books that have interesting stories and are really appealing to them. Read for them in your home language so that the story can connect to their soul, they can create their fantasy world, build characters, and implement the learning in their real life.

  • Develop passion for reading:

If parents promote reading in their home language, the kids actually understand what the story is all about and can relate to it. Reading in home language is the source of building a true passion of reading in young children.

  • Makes Reading more engaging:

British nurseries in Dubai encourage reading from early age. Home language makes reading more engaging for little kids. The books or stories in home language are more relatable for kids as the child can imagine the story and the characters in the book.

For example, for a Muslim child who lives in Dubai can relate to Mosque, Eid festivals, but can’t relate to Christmas tree, Santa Clause etc. So when the child reads the stories that he can actually witness from his eyes and somehow looks familiar, he process that faster. 

Reading in your native language actually improves your child’s cognitive and analytical skills. Kids who read a topic in home language prior when exposed to the same topic in the classroom, he takes active participation in the classroom; become more engaging, understand the story, and enjoy the classroom environment.

  • Reading in Home language improves English language:

It may sound bit confusing that reading to your child in your home language actually contributes in the development of English language skills in your toddler.

The Best British Nursery in Dubai like Mosaic Nursery in JLT enrolls kids from diverse backgrounds so the teachers encourage the parents to read the story from the books in your home language. When the teacher starts the same story in English language, the kids grasp the story bit faster, their frequency of understanding increases. They participate more actively in the class discussions. Relate to the characters more closely. Thus if you are reading in your home language, you are not confusing your child in fact he becomes more efficient.

Hope this article helped you understanding the importance of reading for your little one in your home language.

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