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What Parents Need To Know About Instagram

What Parents Need To Know About Instagram

Social media websites have taken over the world like wildfire, gripping people by the necks and taking up all of their time, day and night! Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are strong channels to vocalize your thoughts. These virtual places provide people with an opportunity to come close, form groups and raise their voice on issues that have otherwise always been considered as a taboo.

And not only this, today most people around the world have been using Instagram to sell their products and services, set up businesses successfully and become a known face throughout the globe. But, every good thing is followed by evil, things that remain hidden until reality hits you hard!

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Growing up with kids in your house, especially teens to raise in today’s time ain’t easy. With easy access to electronics and the internet, being a part of platforms like Instagram has become the easiest of tasks. And why not? This is one place where young minds can connect with each other without any fear, keep a close eye on their favorite celebrities and most importantly, snap pictures and post them on their accounts for the world to see.

As much as these platforms seem to be protecting one’s privacy, things can turn ugly in a blink of an eye. Yes, your privacy can be breached easily! What parents need to understand is that it is okay to provide freedom to your children and trust them with not misusing it, but with what the world has to offer today, one’s privacy needs to be protected.

Your young ones would love to click a hundred selfies each day and post them on their social media account like Instagram just to gain followers and have fun, but remember, these can easily be copied, saved and misused by anyone who’s quietly hiding in their friend’s list.

So, for once ask your children to add only those whom they know well in order to avoid unnecessary outcomes.

To be honest, Instagram and other famous social media sites are filled with explicit and adult content that may not be suitable for your children to watch. From adult stuff to harassment videos, things like these if viewed by innocent minds can certainly leave a lasting “negative” impression, hence as parents, you should be observant of what your children are doing and watching over the internet.

There is good and bad equally spread out around the world. One mistake and you may end up facing consequences that are unthinkable! As much as it is a parent’s responsibility to keep an eye on their kid’s actions, teachers and schools play an equally important role in teaching them the difference between right and wrong. Mosaic Nursery being one of the best preschools in Dubai promises to teach your kids the difference so that when they go out in the world, they follow what is right and refrain from actions that may compromise their personality and credibility.


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