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What Is Elementary Education Curriculum?

What Is Elementary Education Curriculum?

UAE is a country of expats especially Dubai is considered as a hub of expats from different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities. Parents look for schools that are similar to their own culture and values. They search for schools that provide similar environment back home so there kids get the familiar culture at schools and don’t find it difficult to adjust.

The schools in Dubai don’t follow a uniform curriculum since there are varieties of ethnicities residing in one city. Here is all you need to know regarding the Elementary education curriculum in Dubai.

 As the competition is tough therefore it is crucial for kids to attend nursery schools in Dubai. Preschools make the transition to kindergarten easier as the kids are used to the school environment. Some private schools take the entry exam, so the nursery in Dubai prepares the kids for that phase. Moreover, high-quality preschools like the Mosaic Nursery JLT Dubai offers an environment that welcome kids from all ethnic backgrounds and cultures, it makes kids more acceptable to diversity of people in elementary schools.

Elementary Schools Curriculum:

There are varieties of curriculum to choose from in elementary preschools in Dubai. British and American, IB, curriculum’s are most famous Elementary education curriculum followed in Dubai.

There are aplenty embassy elementary schools that offer curriculum Arabic, French, Japanese, Australian, Russian, Indian, Pakistani and German etc. You can select based on the nationality and curriculum preference.

Right selection is crucial otherwise you child won’t gel in the different environment and that results in personality distortion. While selecting the elementary schools, keep in mind that the school names in Dubai usually does not represent the curriculum that is taught in school. If the school have the word International/ English/ American that does not necessarily means that they offer the same curriculum in it. Parents usually get confused with the name of school and later find out that the curriculum and environment of elementary school is different from what they have perceived. The schools with same curriculum offers different environment based on whether they are for expats or locals.

For instance, An American/ British/ Australian/ Canadian school that is for expats offers environment similar to the home country i.e Western, while the schools for locals will provide the same curriculum in Islamic environment since Dubai is an Islamic country and majority of locals are Muslims.

Government schools in Dubai are not for Non-Emirati children. If you want your child to pursue the Ministry of Education MoE curriculum than you should opt for private schools that offers the same curriculum. This curriculum is taught in Arabic and the environment is Islamic so if your child can understand the language, you can go for it.



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