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Understanding Physical Development In Preschoolers – Best Guide For Mom

Understanding Physical Development In Preschoolers – Best Guide For Mom

The preschool years are the crucial years of a child’s life that shapes their future life ahead. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to look for the best nursery schools in Dubai proactively.

The preschool years are the time when the child is actually growing really fast. Every day they shock you with something new. You may want them to sit calmly but it seems quite impossible as it’s the time when they want to explore everything. They want to play, climb, and jump all day long. It is actually good for their physical development.

The best British nurseries in Dubai understand the physical development of kids, therefore, they structure the curriculum as per the unique interest of each child. Mosaic Nursery, JLT has professionally trained staff that understand that every child has unique interests and capabilities, you cannot stop the child from exploring what they love in fact they plan the curriculum as per the interest of their kids.

You may have noticed that the gross and fine motor skills of your child has appreciably refined from the time when they were a toddler and because of the improved verbal skills, they can better express their feelings.

Here is a little guide for all moms out there whose kids are turning three years and they are looking for Best British Nursery in Dubai, you really need to understand your kid’s physical development if you want them to pass the admission test;

Kids rely on gross motor skills for performing everyday activities either at home or at school. Therefore you need to work on improving their gross motor skills by simply motivating them to play more physical games then to sit and watch television, play video games and use a mobile phone.

Play games that involve more climbing, jumping, running, etc. Usually, a preschooler can jump with both feet and balance himself, so this is kind of a benchmark and if you find that your child is having trouble doing this then it’s an alarming situation and you need to immediately take him to a doctor.

Mosaic Nursery, JLT has amazing indoor and outdoor facilities for kids that improve their gross motor skills. Trampoline and jumping castles for toddlers improve the balancing skills of kids.

Kids at Mosaic Nursery believe in learning through fun and more physical involvement therefore they practice numbers skill through hopscotch which improves there gross motor skills as the kids are hopping and jumping.

Mosaic Nursery is the most reliable best Nursery in Dubai that offers a variety of facilities like Martial Arts to help improves the kid’s physical strength. Kicking, punching gives strength to their muscles hence improves their gross motor skills.

The outdoor play area is equipped with rides, and swings that encourage kids to develop balancing skills.

They play games like throw the ball. The kids chase the ball, run, jump, moves zig-zag to catch the ball. This also improves their gross motor skills.

Similarly, at the preschool years, your child will be able to perform fine motor skills perfectly.

For instance, he will be able to paste the picture without your help. Wash hands, dry it with the towel, clap hands, button and unbutton their shirt with your assistance, make simple puzzles, paint, play with Lego and blocks, cut the shapes with the kid’s scissors.

At Mosaic Nursery, there are aplenty of learning centers in a classroom to improve the fine motor skills of little humans.

I hope you got the concept of physical development in preschoolers and now consider Mosaic Nursery in Dubai as the best early childhood learning center for your little bundle of joy.

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