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Top Rated Nursery In JLT & Dubai Marina

Top Rated Nursery in JLT & Dubai Marina

Choosing the Best for Your Child

As a leading nursery in the region, Mosaic Nursery offers unparalleled facilities coupled with a highly qualified staff with dozens of years of early childhood education. Among the top rated nursery in JLT and Dubai Marina is Mosaic JLT which uses a British curriculum to introduce its young students to various facets of intellectual, social, and physical development. This comprehensive curriculum is based on decades of research by leading scientists around the world who recommended a fun, immersive experience for kids with learning through play as a cornerstone of the creative curriculum. Not only does the place has put together the finest curriculum for its student but also offer facilities that aim at developing a child’s intellectual, making them independent and fairer in their approach.

Mosaic Nursery Approach

When it comes down to choosing the top rated nursery in JLT and Dubai Marina, every parent should focus on what the educational institute is offering. Mosaic Nursery’s unique curriculum is what makes it one of the finest places to enroll your kids into and kick starts their educational years with nothing but the best. Here is a quick look at the focus areas offered by Mosaic Nursery:

  • Social Skills Development

Excellent social skills are key determinant of success later on in life. Whether it is at work, home, or out in public, social skills is vital for handling virtually any situation. Mosaic Nursery’s focus on social skills development encourages kids to express themselves, develop empathy, and form trusting relationships with others.

  • Physical Development

Physical growth is an important catalyst of mental and intellectual development. Mosaic Nursery is committed to its students’ physical development and offers indoor gyms where kids can spend some of their energy comfortably away from the sweltering desert heat.

  • Cognitive Development

Cognitive development allows children to think on their own and solve problems without assistance. It is one of the most important life skills for a child to acquire.

  • Literacy

Children till the age of five are ready to soak up the habits they observe, and with that in mind, Mosaic Nursery encourages kids to read and write. Staff also reads to the children in class and encourages them to explore the on campus library to ingrain a natural attraction to literature.

  • Science and Technology

The recent emphasis on improving STEM skills among students encourages teaching young children about observing and investigating natural occurrences. Mosaic Nursery helps kids develop scientific thinking abilities by enabling sensory experiences.

  • Arts

The kids at Mosaic Nursery have access to visual arts, drama, music, dance, drawing and painting, and various other engaging activities that allow them to fully express their thoughts and feelings.

There is More to Look Out for

From a strong a curriculum to the best school facilities, Mosaic Nursery has successfully developed its base around idea that aims at providing your child a safe learning environment which not just focuses on making them a strong intellect but also a better human being that will surely work for the betterment of the society.


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