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Top Fun Activities For Preschoolers Learning

Top Fun Activities for Preschoolers Learning

Moms are usually looking for ideas that can involve their kids in activities that are fun-filled yet productive to keep their toddlers occupied throughout the day.

Here are some interesting ways that not only eradicates their boredom but also challenge their cognitive and problem-solving skills. Ultimately makes your child more intelligent and less dependent on others.

  1. Sensory play:

Set up a sensory bin with a lot of stuff that requires your toddler to use their senses while playing. Collect material that uses all the senses like smell, sight, touch, taste, sound, etc. You can use cotton balls, beads, paper pins, bubble wraps, plant stem, grass, balloons, sand, ice cubes, and the possibilities are endless. Be creative and prepare your sensory bin as per theF availability of options at your home.

You can make sensory play more fun by putting a little more effort. For instance, you can freeze water with strawberries and ask your child to exhume the fruit.

You can also put some uncooked pasta in a bottle, the toddlers love the homemade rattle.

  1. Edible painting:

Mothers are usually worried as their tots love to put everything in their mouth. Best nurseries in Dubai like Mosaic Nursery encourages painting as it let the kids express their feelings through their artwork. You can make a puree of any fruit that is available at your home and add some food color if you want to enhance the color but it’s totally up to you to add extra color or not. Your edible paint is ready, let the kid explore painting in a safe manner.

  1. Marshmallow Activities:

Mosaic Nursery is one of the best preschools in Dubai that offers a variety of fun-filled activities. Here are some ideas of marshmallow activities shared by the teachers of Mosaic Nursery that you can replicate at your home.

Make a drawing by dipping the marshmallow in paints to make a big fat cat, or a cute caterpillar, a bay max, etc.

You can use skewers and marshmallows to teach different shapes to the kids.

To keep it a little safer for the toddlers you can use the straws and create a game in which kids have to suck the marshmallow through the straw and collect it in a cup in a given time. The one who collects more in less time is a winner.

  1. Build it together:

Best British Preschool in Dubai like Mosaic Nursery suggests that parents should spend some quality time with their kids. Together with your kids, you can build projects that interest them. You can build a dollhouse, a kitchen set, a dog house, a mini library set up, forts, etc.

  1. Play dough:

For preschoolers, play dough is a fun-filled way that enhances their gross motor skills. Also, you can teach different concepts through play dough activities. For instance, you can teach geometry shapes, letters, alphabets, time clock, fractions, and many more concepts by using play dough wisely.

Hope, this article helped the anxious moms out there who are finding creative and fun-filled activities for their preschooler’s learning.

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