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Top 20 Strategies For Preschool Teachers

Top 20 Strategies for Preschool Teachers

Here are the twenty strategies for toddler’s teachers.

1. Give the kids a warm welcome:

Always greet the kids with a big smile on your face. Welcome the kids by kissing or hugging them so they feel comfortable to spend the whole day with you.

2. Create an appealing theme:

Nursery schools in Dubai have appealing classrooms with interesting themes to attract the kids. Keep changing the theme after few weeks.

3. Communicate with the parents:

Mostly the parents expects really high from a preschool child. Communicate with the parents what they should expect, how they can contribute for the success of their kids, school discipline, schedule or theme of the day, snacks they can give in the lunch, and how they can contact the teacher in case of any query.

4. Set up Learning centers:

Make learning more interesting by setting up at least five to six learning centers in your classroom. The learning center can make math, science, geography, language more fun for kids.

5. Make Reading more interesting:

Mosaic Nursery, JLT is the best nursery in Dubai when it comes to promote reading in really early age. You can make the reading area more interesting by selecting appealing books with lots of colorful pages and theme based books. You can also put reading buddies in the reading area, the kids love to read for their toys.

6. Ask questions:

Ask questions from kids. Which activity they like most during the day, their favorite subject, and identify the exercises and learning style that is most suitable to each kid.

7. Include sensory learning:

Prepare a lesson in a way that it includes all senses. The kids learn more quickly if the lesson includes visual, auditory, and kinesthetic senses. Sensory learning makes the kids more engaging.

8. Tell your personal experiences:

Kids love to hear about the stories of their teachers. Tell them how you used to play, study, and behave as a child. Teach them that every child is different; everyone has some strength and weaknesses.

9. Integrate Technology:

Integrate technology in your teaching method as modern kids are so obsessed with technology. Kids love to build, draw and create new things. Install app that promote creativity and construction. The old fashioned games are not interesting for modern kids so install app where the kids can draw, write, and enhance their problem solving skills.

10. Cooperative learning environment

Encourage cooperative learning environment. Make small groups where the kids can share toys with each other, solve puzzles together, work on learning stations together.

11. Plan your lesson:

A schedule is important to remain on track. Plan your lesson before entering in the class. You should know which teaching strategy is applicable to which child.

12. Stay positive:

Stay positive and be patient. Every child is different. Some may understand easily while others may throw tantrums.  Stay positive as you have to teach every child whether he is a fast learner or a slow learner.

13. Let them explore:

The kids learn more when they explore. Design more outdoor activities that involve exploring and experimentation. Let them get messy, focus on their learning only.

14. Appreciate their abilities and creativity:

As a teacher, it’s your responsibility to appreciate their creativity and encourage their abilities. Appreciate them when they solve problems without your help. Give them a kiss or cuddle them.

15.Include dance and body movement:

Include dancing and movements while teaching them nursery rhymes. Kinesthetic learning not only makes the kids healthy but makes the classroom environment more interesting.

16. Observe your students:

Observe your kids closely every day. If you find something unusual then talk to the child if he doesn’t say anything then immediately communicate the issue with the parents.

17.Make them feel involved:

Assign small duties so they feel involved.

18. Be consistent:

Follow a routine so kids feel comfortable and predict what will come next. Every day is different with toddlers. Be prepared.

19. Give guidance when needed:

Let them try the task by themselves first. Give them time. Don’t start guiding them. They may come up with some extra ordinary solution that you haven’t expected.

20. Good bye Note:

Always give a good bye note to the kids when they move to the next class as it is a memory for the child, they keep it with them for the whole life or at least remember their teacher and their efforts.

Hope this article helps all the teachers out there who are new to teach the toddlers.

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