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Top 10 Parenting Tips To Calm Down Any Child In A Minute

Top 10 Parenting Tips to Calm Down Any Child In a Minute

Continuous whinny and crying over silly things is probably one of the favorite things of every kid to do. When you as a parent do not fulfill their “command”, they quickly take out their weapon to blackmail you until their wish is fulfilled.

Parenting can be tough especially when you have a kid who is hyperactive and aggressive. Taking them out in the public and controlling them becomes a huge deal. So, what can be done in a situation when your child suddenly plans to throw tantrums at you, rolls on the floor crying and embarrasses you in front of a crowd?

If sending them to playschool in Dubai for grooming doesn’t seem as a viable option then here are a few tips that will help you in getting control of the situation:

  1. Distract Them

Children usually whine and beg for things that seem unusual to them. If they ask for toys that are for a bigger age group or chocolates, try to distract them towards other activities including reading books or playing games. It may take you or a minute to do so, but children at easily distracted towards other things that attract them, hence calming them down quickly.

  1. Let Your Kid Be their Own Boss

These little adults too like to be in control and when they get a sense of being their own boss, they become happy and satisfied. To ensure your child remains calm throughout your “shopping spree”, involve them in decision making and let them choose with you. This way, not only will they be distracted from buying unnecessary items for them but will keep engaged and comfortable.

  1. Move Away

Positive parenting can help build a stronger personality. This is why, when your kid acts all irritated and angry, rather than giving them a “time out”, take them to a different room. Maybe in the TV lounge to watch cartoons or patio to enjoy fresh air, helping them gaining control of themselves.

  1. Backward Counting

Counting with your little one can be fun and used to calm down the angry man inside them. When your child behaves aggressively, ask them to count backwards and do so yourself so they can follow.

  1. Talk to Them

Children do not know the ways to express to themselves, thus when something is bothering them, they whine, become cranky and start crying. To make sure the kids become comfortable and relaxed, sit by their side and talk to them until you’ve got an answer.

Mosaic Nursery being one of the best nursery in Dubai makes sure that the parents and children spend time in healthy discussions, teaching kids the art of expression!

  1. A Hug

A motherly hug with a kiss on the forehead is enough to reassure a child that they are safe, helping them keep their cool and calm.

  1. Make Jokes and faces

Well, jokes can make anyone laugh. And when your little one is sad or not in the mood to talk, make funny faces, tickle them and make jokes until they smile and laugh. Keep trying until they get into the flow and play along!

  1. Sing their Favorite Melody

Music can calm even the angriest of souls. Hence, when the whining gets at its peak, sing your kid’s favorite poem, play a melody they love and watch the magic happen.

  1. Stay Calm and Listen

Most kids are known to act all aggressive and angry to get their hands on something that they want. This is why, rather than starting a war with those little people. Stay calm and listen to their demands. If their demand is unnecessary, convey the message nicely and try distracting them.

  1. Play, Play and Play!

The best way to distract an angry child is to play with them. Throw a ball at them or simply run and ask them to catch you. They will quickly get in the flow and calm down instantly!

Best nurseries in Dubai like Mosaic Nursery conduct annual parent-teacher meetings to discuss the progress of a child and work together to build stronger personalities, promote creativity and stronger minds.

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