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Toddlers And Technology: A Guide For Responsible

Toddlers and Technology: A Guide for Responsible

Living in a time with “technology” taking over the world, it is hard to keep your kids away from it. No matter how strict of a parent you are, you will in some way, consciously or unconsciously introduce technology to your little ones.

Be it a cell phone or a tab, a TV or a laptop, children who open eyes in today’s time are prone to fall for it. Thus, as a parent, it is your responsibility to introduce them to devices in a “decent” manner, rather than fighting hard to keep them away!

The Use of Technology and Dubai Preschools

You can stop your child from using “screens” or “technology” at home to a certain extent, but what about their school? The best preschool in Dubai today has proudly upgraded their education system by introducing technology at various levels, which has made it mandatory for kids and their parents to follow in the footsteps.

Still, think you can keep your toddlers away from technology? No, you can’t!

Being ranked as one of the best preschools in Dubai, Mosaic Nursery encourages parents to introduce technology to their toddlers, and yes, they teach how you can do it. The introduction does not necessarily mean leaving your little ones with tabs and phones for hours, rather than setting a time for time and helping them operate it.

But how can you help them is a big question! Read on for the best tips that will help you introduce devices to your little ones in the best manner.

  1. Lead the way

Kids learn from observation, thus, as a parent lead the way by becoming a role model. Show them how to use technology and go slow. Hence, by being consistent in your approach, they’ll learn in no time.

This is what Mosaic Nursery in Dubai suggests parents do!

  1. Share the Screen

Share the screen! Not only will this help you keep an eye on the content your toddler is watching but also aid in strengthening the bond. Try to encourage them to watch videos that increase learning and ask them questions in between so that it enhances their mental development.

  1. Set a Time Limit

Another important aspect to keep in mind when introducing a screen o your kids is to set a time limit. For kids younger than 5 years, an hour screen is enough in a day because more exposure to devices can lead to unhealthy consequences.

Best Nurseries in Dubai like Mosaic Nursery always emphasizes parents to set a proper routine for their kids that include both screen and study time, keeping it well balanced for proper development.

Although there are still a few nurseries that may discourage devices, to lead in the race competition, it is crucial to accept the changes. Hence, Mosaic Nursery in JLT knows how to keep a good balance, helping parents introduce devices in a better way so that at the end of the day, it does not hurdle the development of their child.

Which is the best nursery near me? It is surely Mosaic Nursery that knows how to keep your children upfront in the technologically advanced world and win the competition!

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