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The Effect Of A Sensory Impairment

The Effect of a Sensory Impairment

When one of the senses – sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste, or spatial awareness – is not working properly, it is called sensory impairment. These issues can occur since birth or may develop with time. Either way, they have a major impact on a child’s growth and social interaction skills. As a result, many parents hesitate to leave children with sensory issues unattended. There is a common misconception that sensory impairment decreases the learning capabilities of children. However, this is not the case. Children with problems such as vision or hearing loss should never be treated differently in a classroom in terms of their abilities and intelligence.

One must remember that our body harnesses other ways to compensate for the lost sensing ability. That’s why teachers at top preschools in Dubai such as Mosaic nursery make sure that they have the same learning expectation from students with sensory issues.

Educational experts understand that sensory impairment makes teaching quite challenging however using the right learning resources and technology can do wonders. Most preschools in Dubai are trying to make extra efforts for students with additional needs. They design special activities for sensory impaired students and pay special attention to them.

 Strategies For Helping Children With Sensory Impairments:

Here are some common ways to help sensory-impaired students.

 Be Patient:

Children who lack one of their sensing abilities require more time to adjust and explore their surroundings. Therefore, we should let them do things at their own pace. Give them ample time to figure things out themselves. They might take a little longer than other children but will surprise you with their abilities and intelligence. Avoid forcing activities if a child is not comfortable. Always remember to be kind and patient.

Provide Additional Resources:

Sensory impaired children require a little extra help through special tools or guidance. For instance, a visually impaired student will need verbal clues to identify various objects. You can repeat information multiple times to make sure they are understanding you. Similarly, learning sign language is a great way to facilitate children with speech impairment.

 Encourage Independence:

Although students with sensory impairment require help, they should be taught independence to do the certain task without additional help. Make sure that the child doesn’t become overly dependent on a specific helper. Try to maintain a balance between assisting the student and creating a learned dependency. Additional support should only be provided where necessary.

Choose The Right Preschool:

When selecting a nursey in Dubai for sensory impaired kids, always look for an all-inclusive environment. We at Mosaic make sure that your child never feels left out no matter how different they are. The positive and welcoming attitude of our trainers is exemplary all over Dubai. To learn more about us, contact us on 04 425 6670.


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