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The Best Early Childhood Education In Dubai, UAE

The Best Early Childhood Education in Dubai, UAE

The early years of a child are unique in numerous ways. The kids develop not only physically, but emotionally, intellectually and socially. The pace of grabbing and learning new things differs in every child. Some kids learn fast while others learn slowly and gradually. Early childhood education provides an exposure to the children to construct meanings from the social and physical environment around them.

Preschools in Dubai realize that the development and learning of a child are directly related to each other hence inspires them to become a long-lasting learner. The best British Preschools in Dubaifollow Early Year Foundation stage framework which includes a lot of playful activities, themes, and real-time experiences to encourage kids and make their base really strong which helps them to be successful not only in kindergarten but in all phases of life.
Parents of Dubai are fortunate to have a variety of preschools, but if you are looking for the best British nursery in Dubai then we are here to help you select the best one for your tot!

Here is the list of top pre-schools in Dubai,

1. SAFA Early Learning Centre:

SAFA ELC is a renowned name in the field of Early Childhood Education, serving for 40 years. The environment is stimulating and friendly where the children learn and grow through lots of playing and exposure. They follow the British EYFS structure and encourage physical well-being of kids. They have low children to teacher ratio to focus every child’s unique need. To keep the kids physically active, they have included swimming as a part of their curriculum. They take kids from one to six years old kids. It is located in Jumeriah, Dubai.

2. Alphabet Street Nursery

Alphabet Street Nursery provides a comfortable, safe and nurturing environment for kids. They follow the EYFS curriculum and prepare the kids for conventional school to pursue successful academic life ahead. The individual needs of kids are focused to improve their self-esteem. The teachers are well qualified and encourage the strong involvement of parents as they both together build a strong future of a child. The facilities include an indoor and outdoor play area, sensory room, water and sand play area, music and many more. It is located on Al Manara Street, Dubai.

3. British Orchard Nursery:

British Orchard Nursery takes kids from six months up to four years. The lessons are delivered in English while the kids are taught French and Arabic as a part of their curriculum. They follow the British teaching method and believe that every child has unique learning capabilities, with the help of a good facilitator they can learn more quickly. They share a periodic report to the parents so that they can monitor the progression of their kids’ learning and development and keep the record for future admission in Primary school. The other amenities include a role play area, Indoor/outdoor play area, gym, water play area, sand play area, sensory room, library and road track. There are eight branches of British Orchard in Dubai only.

4. Dovecote Nursery:

Dovecote nursery in JLT Dubai follows the British EYFS system. It is skillfully run nursery with a homely environment. They provide a meal for the kids so you don’t need to worry about packing healthy lunch every morning. They provide a safe and caring environment. The ideas and suggestions of parents are always welcome. The classrooms are not large, but spacious enough to provide all the high-quality toys and other resources for the kids.

Our Recommendation:

Mosaic Nursery:

We highly recommend Mosaic Nursery in JLT, Jumeriah for the working parents who are searching for the best British Preschool in Dubai. EYFS curriculum is followed that encourages child development and learning through productive games and other fun-filled activities to keep them involved and active throughout the day.

The environment is cozy and stimulating. The classrooms are spacious and clutter free, the furniture is comfortable and clean. The display boards are well decorated with kid’s drawing and paintings to encourage their work.

They focus on keeping the kids physically active, the baby proof gym is there to ensure the kids remain physically active but in a safe and sound environment. In case of emergency, a well-structured clinic is present in the premises of the nursery with a professional nurse to give first aid. The progress of a child is shared on a regular basis with the parents.

The explicitly professional staff is so cooperative and understands the unique needs of the children. The teachers are passionate to encourage the unique capability of every child and boost their self-esteem.

There are various time slots available, you can opt for any time schedule that suits your office hours and your kid’s routine; the fee structure varies as per the time schedule you select.

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