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The Advantages Of Transitional Objects

The Advantages Of Transitional Objects

toddlers for a survey. The first few weeks can be quite unsettling for both parents and children as kids are learning to adjust in a new environment without their primary caregiver i.e. parents. We at Mosaic Nursery are asked this question a lot “How long will my child take to settle in?” The fact is the answer to this question isn’t that simple. But we decided to help parents in the best possible manner.

The Advantages Of Transitional Objects

“How long will my child take to settle in?”

Each child is unique and will process this change of a new environment at their own pace. However, we as educators and caretakers can help them with the transition phase by easing their separation anxiety. A comfortable environment and proper counselling can make a huge difference to help a child settle with the preschool.

Being one of the best Dubai Nurseries, we make sure that your child feels the same sense of security at our facility as their own home. That’s why we love the concept of introducing a transition object. A transition object could be any familiar item, such as a toy, that they are fond of. Children should be allowed to bring a transition item with them. This gives an idea that they are carrying a part of their family with them while making the transition from the familiar to the unfamiliar. These objects allow children to have some consistency and predictability in unknown situations.

Most leading nurseries in Dubai have introduced this technique and observed stability in the new comer’s behavior. These transition objects should be small in size, lightweight, and washable such as a stuffed toy, object, blanket or bottle.

Parents that enroll a child in Dubai nursery like Mosaic Nursery often worry that their child will get too attached to an object. However, this isn’t the case. Most children choose get used to transition objects between months eight and twelve and stay attached to them for years to come. As your child grow up, they began to comprehend their surrounding in a much better way. Most nurseries in Dubai focus on emotional and social intelligence which help them become more aware of their surroundings. This helps them give up the habit of carrying an object on their own. Contrary to the traditional belief, transitional objects are not a sign of weakness or insecurity, infect they can be helpful by making things easier for yourself. So don’t hesitate when your child chooses one.

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