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Support Your Child’s Learning At Home

Support Your Child’s Learning at Home

Admitting your child in one of the best nurseries in Dubai is not just sufficient to make him successful. The parents need to make constant efforts and get involved in their child’s learning to make them academically successful and build a positive attitude towards their preschools.

Here are few points to help all the parents on how they can contribute to their child’s learning at home.

Reinforce the concepts:

Check the copies or worksheets to understand what is happening in the class. If your child is learning the concept of fractions in Math then find out creative ways to reinforce the concept in day to day activities.

For instance, bake a cake with your child. Apply the concept of measurements by introducing measuring cups and measuring spoons to them. This way they can actually have a real time application of what they are learning at schools.

Analysis of situations:

Give situations where they are asked to use cognitive and problem solving skills. For instance, a preschooler can be asked while ordering a pizza at home. Ask him to count the family members; if there are 5 people is it okay to order a large pizza with 6 slices or a regular one with 4 slices?

Give them rewards:

If the child is focusing on studies, finish his homework with less or no help then you should definitely give him some reward. It is not important to give monetary reward only. You can grant few extra minutes to watch his favorite cartoon or play his favorite game. You can get him an ice-cream sometimes while picking him up from school. These little things can motivate him to strive every day at preschool.


The best gift a parent can give to his child is a good reading skill. Get some interesting story books that are eye catching for kids and have some learning as well. Read with your child; discuss the moral of the story, the characters in it, the theme etc. The kids who have a reading habit have a strong connection during class discussions and have more insights and knowledge then the kids who don’t read at all.

Teach on the go:

Don’t restrict the learning to the school and home only. Kids observe different things and ask a lot of questions while travelling. Encourage their questions and give answers patiently.

Few things you can teach your child during a car ride;

  • The colors; ask different colors of cars at a road.
  • The concept of sunshine, rain, windy etc.
  • Show heavy vehicles and their purposes.
  • Concept of driving fast or slow.

Preschools in Dubai encourage Parent’s involvement as it plays crucial role in kid’s high performance at their school. The children who have the support of their parents not only perform better academically but have high self-esteem, are more confident, have greater problem solving skills and are more emotionally stronger then kids who don’t get the support of their parents.

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