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Specific Areas Of Learning And Development

Specific Areas Of Learning And Development

As the most important part in a child’s educational life is that of preschool, so parents need to ensure that their child gets the best of it. Best British nurseries in Dubai follow Early Year Foundation Stage curriculum that has all the aspects of learning a child needs in order to develop a strong foundation.

Preschools in Dubai focus on specific areas of learning and development of kids to build skills, knowledge and exposure that is necessary for kids in their successful life ahead.

Mosaic Nursery, JLT has shared the specific areas of learning and development according to EYFS curriculum that they practice at their school.

1. Language and Communication skills development:

Mosaic Nursery has several activities that develop language and communication skills of young kids. The reading, story-telling, drama roles, skits, describing art, etc enhances the language and communication skills of kids and give them confidence to be self-expressive. The teachers emphasize the kids to talk, read, repeat rhymes, ask questions, and interact in the classroom.

2. Physical development of kids:

Kids these days are more inclined towards technology like i-pads and mobile phones. A lot of kids cannot even eat the food without watching cartoons on the mobile phones. This is really harmful for them as it affects their eyesight from very young age and makes them physically unhealthy. Mosaic Nursery believes that physical well-being of kid is really crucial for their academic success. Therefore there are several indoor and outdoor playing activities that involve running, exploring, playing with sand, water, gym and swimming.

3. Personal, Emotional and social development:

There are kids from diverse background at Mosaic Nursery in Dubai , so the kids learn social skills to respect each other’s differences, make friends and build relationships, learn to manage their feeling, behavior and gain self confidence.

4. Literacy skills development:

The multilingual curriculum at Mosaic Nursery enhances the kid’s ability to identify different words and understand their meaning in more than one language. At the reading and story-telling session at Mosaic Nursery, the kids develop their literacy skills in fun and playful way.

5. Math:

Mosaic Nursery has setup math learning center in the classroom with aplenty fun-filled activities to improve numbers and calculations, identification of shapes and to describe measurements. 

6. Creative and Expressive Art:

Art classes allow the kids to be creative and more self expressive through their drawing or painting. The teachers at Mosaic Nursery appreciate kid’s creativity and give them chance to be more expressive and explore new and creative ideas.

Observing and exploring:

Kids are in continuous phase of observing and exploring. At Mosaic Nursery, the indoor and outdoor activities and challenges allow kids to observe, experiment and explore under the guidance of professional teachers.

Mosaic Nursery, JLT provides an environment that is friendly for kids to learn, explore and gain experience through experimentation and playful activities. Mosaic believes that these early years of your kid are crucial years that should be highly focused as it lay the foundation of a successful academic future of your kids.

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