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Simple Classroom Guitar Songs

Simple Classroom Guitar Songs

Musical lessons and acoustic guitar songs have many benefits for children at a young age. The soft tones help our muscles to calm down and relax. At the same time, nursery rhymes and songs played on a guitar create an energetic and inclusive environment in the classroom. Kids love this activity and enjoy participating in the lessons while learning a new skill.

Nowadays, some of the best preschools in Dubai are introducing musical classes as part of their curriculum. Here is a list of all the nursery rhymes that can be played during your next music session.

The Abc Song:

This nursery rhyme is sung in almost every preschool in Dubai to make students learn English alphabets. This way of learning is quick and effective at such a tender age.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star:

This might be one of the oldest nursery rhymes but still equally interesting. Most parents know this as a lullaby and sing it during the bedtime of their child. So, there is a greater chance that most kids already know the lyrics to this song. This one can be easily learned on guitar without using any difficult chords.

Happy Birthday To You:

Do you know how to make someone feel special on their birthday? Sing them a happy birthday with guitar playing in the back. Preschoolers love the effort and feel excited engaging in this activity. The song is not only simple but also catchy, grasping the attention of all kids I the class. Everybody knows the lyrics and the guitar chords are also easy to play and learn.

Ten In The Bed:

The best thing about this song is that it only uses the G chord on the guitar. The song tells a story and the sound of the guitar brings it to life. To make the musical session more interesting, teachers can hold props to help children understand difficult lyrics.

Have you ever witnessed a musical session at Mosaic Nursery in JLT? If not then you are missing out on a lot of fun. Our staff takes the singing experience to a whole other level through their participation and enthusiasm. Visit our facility today and see it for yourself! Call us at 04 425 6670.

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