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Returning To School After Coronavirus Lockdown

Returning to School After Coronavirus Lockdown

Coronavirus, a deadly disease that has deprived millions of their right to live! While many have lost their lives, there are hundreds out there who are still struggling to get a second chance at life while some are trying to get over their loss.

A pandemic that started at the end of the year 2019, has shocked the world with its progress and deadly prognosis, bring the world at a halt. From offices to schools, everyone’s place was shut down and people were forced to lock themselves inside their homes, not permitted to come out unnecessarily.

And like the rest of the world, most preschools in Dubai were too forced to close, sending the kids home until further notice. This is where the new trend of online classes became a common practice.

Even the best preschools in Dubai like Mosaic Nursery had to change their approach to learning, revising their curriculum and struggle with conducting classes online. But thanks to the amazing management, this nursery in JLT was successful in communicating knowledge and learning to the kids through virtual platforms.

Dubai Preschools and Pre-pandemic situation

Since the beginning of 2021, the pandemic seems to have taken a back seat but still not eliminated, the best nurseries in Dubai have decided to re-open for the better.

Even Mosaic nursery in Dubai has decided to resume its classes only after following the SOPs strictly.

But the question is, will things ever get back to normal? How will the kids feel going to school after a long break?

The kids have surely enjoyed this long, unanticipated vacation but then again, going back to school is surely necessary. Where some kids didn’t find the motivation to study over this time, others were engrossed in studying hard through their online classes.

But will it feel normal to go back to school during the pandemic? If differs for everyone. Where some kids will be super happy to return, others won’t be so excited. And because most children have already compromised on their educational year, a complete year, revising curriculum my schools has become necessary.

Like before, the kids won’t be able to play outside in the playgrounds, exploring the surrounding through fun activities, and neither will they be allowed to sit close together just to be on the safe side.

So what is the point of reopening schools than? This is so that the kids can get used to the new “normal”. They cannot afford to lose another educational year, thus while fighting with the coronavirus; the preschools are forced to resume their functioning.

If you still haven’t enrolled your little one in playschool, go for Mosaic nursery, the best nursery near me and let them live their childhood years to the fullest under complete protection.

Just remember, rather than being scared of sending your kids to school, make sure they wear their masks, practice social distance and clean their hands with sanitizers. It is time to go back to school and create memories!

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