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Your Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Nursery In Abu Dhabi

Your Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Nursery In Abu Dhabi

Nurseries can be an exciting experience for your child, but how to choose the best nursery in Abu Dhabi that offers a gigantic number of nurseries.

Here is your ultimate guide to choosing the best nursery for your kid in Abu Dhabi.

1. Child and Teacher Interaction

Be vigilant and observe the caregivers and teachers closely when you visit the prospective nursery. Pay close attention to gauge the child and teacher interaction. You can notice the teacher’s behavior by the way she deals with the kids. If the teacher is sitting on the floor and playing with the kids or guiding them to solve the puzzle or holding them on her lap, it depicts the kids are comfortable with her and she is caring and friendly. Younger kids need close attention and supervision of teachers, therefore the teachers should be as responsive and loving as possible. Low child to teacher ratio helps the teacher to be responsive to every child’s needs and plan their activities accordingly. If the teacher is directing the kids, shouting at them or the kid looks frightened, then you should definitely erase this nursery from your prospective list.

2. Teacher’s Turnover Rate

The kids get emotionally attached to the caregivers or teachers, therefore when you visit the potential nursery, ask them the teacher turnover rate. The infants need consistent and experienced care, changing of the caregiver or teacher make the kid upset and unsettled for long periods. The staff should stay with the school for a year. If the teachers are leaving before that then you should opt for other nursery.

Ask the parents whose kids are studying in the potential nursery about the teacher’s commitment to the kids and how long they are teaching your kid.

3. Learn the Terms and Policies

Ask as many relevant questions as possible to prevent surprises later on. Discuss your parenting philosophies, values, norms, and discipline. Are they sharing the same values as you want your child to receive? Ask their strategy to create discipline among young kids. If their strategies are not acceptable for you then you should definitely search for the other good options. The teachers usually punish the kids through time outs, scolding. Ask if there is another way of maintaining discipline contrary to your beliefs and practices.

Ask about academics versus physical activities at the nursery. If you opt for After school childcare Dubai as well then check the meal policies (alter the food plan as per your kids needs and requirements, specify if your child is allergic to anything), napping time and other relevant questions that can become problematic later.

4. Observe The Environment

Closely scrutinize the environment to determine whether the nursery is suitable for your child or not. You may consider a nursery best for your child based on the recommendations of your family and friends, but your own visit is crucial to make a final decision.

Assess to ensure the nursery is taking all the health and safety measures and your child will remain safe there in your absence. Of course the environment should be clean, the classrooms can be messy as the kids play freely there but it should not be unhygienic. The toys, play area, swimming pool, gym everything should be childproofed. The display boards in the classroom depicts whether the nursery encourages kid’s creativity or not. The reading area should have sturdy books that attract the kids towards reading and storytelling sessions. The indoor and outdoor play area should have age-appropriate games and toys. The toys should be clean, no small objects or choking hazard should be present, the toys should not be broken that may hurt the kid.

In order to do the real-time analysis of a nursery, visit it at different timings to determine whether the attitude of teachers remains same, the kids comfort level and routine at the nursery. These visits can guide you whether you choose the right nursery for your kid or not.

5. Follow Your Heart

You may not feel positive vibes when you visit the most famous or talked about nursery in town. In that situation, always follow your inner feelings. The best nursery may not be ‘the best’ for your child. You are the parent and you take the best decision for your child so if you don’t feel comfortable and satisfied, then don’t opt for the nursery even if it is highly recommended in your social circle.

In order to choose the best nursery for your child in Abu Dhabi, you need to focus on the staff, the immediate caretaker/ teacher of your kid, the healthy/safe/ clean environment, learning material, adequate resources, curriculum and leadership, and management style.

Our Recommendation!

Mosaic Nursery, Reem Island is a decent nursery in Abu Dhabi that magically fulfills all the above parameters and you will feel relaxed while sending your kid to the nursery that is safe and comfortable. They are experts in childcare and development. The explicitly trained staff is humble and cooperative. They follow EYFS framework that does not have any predesigned curriculum, the facilitators design activities as per your kid’s natural interest through imaginative and creative activities. The best part is that they proffer flexible timings so you can opt for whatever suits you and your child.

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