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Top Ten Ways Of Teaching Manners To Preschoolers

Top Ten Ways Of Teaching Manners To Preschoolers

Given below is a list of helpful maneuvers for teaching manners to preschool children to help raise a generation that has adequate set of etiquettes.

  • Teaching the trait of Sharing

Sharing is a trait known little by our little ones. The first thing they need to be taught is how to be kind. Oftentimes we see how all children are reluctant at letting other children use their belongings. This uncompromising nature makes sharing or generosity almost impossible in them, which makes teaching these manners to them a real challenge at the outset. Kids are acquainted with kindness by making them share their meals or lunch boxes with fellow children, and interacting with them in different ways that promote compassion e.g. warm gestures like embracing and shaking hands with other kids on meeting, and indulging in group work.

  • Teaching the Use of Magic Words

A lot of emphasis is put on inculcating the use of magic words into preschoolers’ minds. Parents and preschool teachers both must tell the children how the words “Please, sorry thankyou and you’re welcome” do the magic at winning hearts. The best way is by setting an example for them by using the magic words yourself first. Mosaic nursery Reem Island teaches its preschoolers all the essential etiquettes that help the children for their lifetime.

  • Controlling unwanted behavior

Children usually develop unwanted behaviors like pulling weird faces at others, sticking tongue out to people or nose picking etc. these are all set of highly undesirable habits. A child must be taught that these are bad manners and how repugnant these are when they do it in front of people. A good preschool like mosaic nursery specializes in eliminating socially undesirable behaviors and attitudes in their preschoolers with the help of their professional staff.

  • Lowering your voice and being gentle

Children of preschool age are quite boisterous especially when they join others their age. Teachers at Mosaic nursery Reem Island are equipped with essential experience to rein in preschoolers tantrums by adopting a gentle soft tone with the little ones. The key to teaching good manners is to lower your voice and be friendly with the child telling him how making noise is considered rude.

  • Teaching them how to Greet In a Polite manner

Children at preschool age are usually hesitant at greeting unknown people warm; they would avoid eye contact and shy away at the mere sight of a stranger. By telling them about the person who they are about to meet encourages them to communicate to them with a warm greeting upon meeting. They are made to communicate in a pleasant manner with fellow preschoolers to consolidate this habit. Mosaic nursery helps developing the habit of politely greeting and welcoming people they meet.

  • Teaching Table Manners

At lunch time your little ones are never interested in joining everyone on the table, they prefer to go through their favorite cartoon series as they eat. The child’s family should be mindful of is duty of teaching the child manners of eating from a very little age e.g. making them sit with everyone when the meal is served, tidying them if they create a mess, teaching them to use cutlery correctly and eat quietly. At mosaic nursery children are made to sit on the table and learn eating using all the necessary utensils, sharing meals and sitting together.

  • Exchange of compliments

A behavior learned in childhood stays with a person forever. Preschoolers must be emphasized to exchange compliments i.e. both give and take compliments warmly.

  • Forbidding Interruption

Children are always craving for attention, you might be doing something really crucial and your little one wants you to address his needs at that very moment. Teachers at Mosaic nursery teach children it’s not a nice thing to disturb someone while they are busy instead they should wait for the right time.

  • Promoting Team Work

Children are equipped with sportsman spirit and team work spirit by making them work together with other preschoolers in various interesting group activities. This is a behavior that eliminates selfishness in them for the time to come.

  • Correcting undesirable behaviors then and there

One of the most important way of teaching manners to a child is by correcting his inappropriate behavior at the very moment you see them doing it, e.g. if your child cries loudly and shouts for attention while outside home, tell him gently how other might be getting annoyed and perceiving this as rude.

For creating a promising and better future for your kids, it is important to pick the right pre-school for them which lays great emphasis on teaching them the basic manners and this is why most parents residing in Abu Dhabi and near-by areas choose only Mosaic Nursery Reem Island for their shinning stars.

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