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Top 25 Awesome Things About Being A Preschool Teacher

Top 25 Awesome Things About Being A Preschool Teacher

 Why Being a Preschool Teacher is Rewarding

Here are 25 awesome things about being a preschool teacher and why being a preschool teacher is so rewarding; 

  1. The life of a preschool teacher is too challenging because handling a classroom full toddlers is not an easy job at all. They are so curious and keep the teachers on the toe for the whole day. The rewarding aspect of this job is that it teaches you to accept that no planning is perfect for toddlers, just be ready to embrace the unexpected challenges that may come any time during the day. For instance, the child who was so happy yesterday may throw a lot of tantrums today only because he could sleep well last night. So the challenges are new every day.
  2. There are moments when you can’t even believe that kids are so hilarious, keep your class environment light by enjoying their sense of humor.
  3. The preschool teachers are usually the first role model for the little ones. It is really rewarding when they observe you so closely and replicate your good habits.
  4. The teachers look for fun-filled and playful ways to teach difficult concepts to the preschoolers. You can not directly teach them pre-math or pre-literacy skills. The rewarding part of a preschool teacher is when the children actually enjoy the games and activities they design to make these difficult concepts more fun-filled.
  5. The most rewarding part of being a preschool teacher is that the kids increase your tolerance level. Handling a classroom full of toddlers may make you really frustrated, but through proper trainings, the preschool teacher becomes more patient towards kids needs and interests.
  6. There is a lot of career growth opportunity in the field of early childhood education. From a teacher’s assistant you can become a class teacher, or eventually through experience you may become a principal. You can become a curriculum planner or publish books for children, etc. Mosaic Nursery is the Best Nursery in Abu Dhabi that considers their teachers as their assets, they also ensure that the teachers remain updated with the latest teaching methods and technologies.
  7. If you think, kids will forget you and your efforts then you are mistaken. The best reward for a preschool teacher is when a toddler become an adult and come to meet you.
  8. The biggest responsibility of a preschool teacher is to make the kids love learning. The rewarding part is that you are actually the part of making the kids lifelong learners by letting them explore, encouraging their curiosity, experimenting and communicating with them.
  9. The preschool teachers love all the kids regardless of their diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, culture and religious faiths.
  10. Being an early childhood education provider, you get a freedom to think like a child and nobody will judge you for that. You have to rejuvenate your imagination skills to design creative activities and games for the kids.
  11. You love to spend time with all the children, but it is really rewarding when you handle the separation anxiety in kids and the children happily spend hours with you at the nursery.
  12. There are a lot of kid’s schools in Abu Dhabi but you need to select the preschool that provides safe and healthy environment so you can contribute in providing security to the little munchkins even in the absence of their parents.
  13. Preschool teachers are really good at multi-tasking. They keep everything organized, and follow the schedule to avoid unwanted situations.
  14. The most rewarding feeling for a preschool teacher is when she overcomes the challenges patiently and bravely.
  15. The rewarding thing for a teacher is to perfectly identify the unique needs and interests of their students and plan the right activities for them to make learning easier and enjoyable for them.
  16. You become super creative to recycle every possible thing and convert it into a learning material. It is rewarding for a preschool teacher when the kids also start recycling different things like plastic bottles, paper plates and uses their imagination skills to create new things.
  17. It is really motivating to teach the preschoolers because as much as you want them to learn new things, they are also eager to learn and explore the world around them.
  18. It is rewarding that the preschool teachers have high job security compared to other professions because the kids get emotionally attached to the teacher so the management have pressure to retain the staff.
  19. You always have bittersweet feelings like a mother who get really exhausted after taking care of kids for the whole day, but get upset when they leave her.
  20. One rewarding thing about being a preschool teacher is that kids reveal interesting things about you which you never realized. They can tell you how you make faces when you get angry or excited.
  21. You learn to partnership with parents in the development of the child and communicate all the necessary information to the parents so they remain well-informed about their kids.
  22. The coolest benefit of being a preschool teacher is that you can set a healthy lifestyle in kids from a really early age by encouraging them to bring a healthy lunch and remain physically active throughout the day.
  23. It is so emotional for a preschool teacher to witness so many first-time memories of the children. The first time the kid mumbled “bye-bye” or “I’m fine” or “thank you”
  24. At a Preschool in Abu Dhabi, You are not only developing kids academically and socially, but encourage their individual identity and bring out their unique traits.
  25. You forget all your worries when you see these little smiling faces. You become the reason for their smiles. Allowing them to play, eat, listens to their illogical stories with interest bring smiles on their faces.
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