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Top 10 Tips For Raising Healthy Kids

Top 10 Tips for Raising Healthy Kids

Livening in a time of technological advancement, kids today spend more time sitting in front of their TV or tab screens than they would have in playing outdoors. The limited physical activity and unhealthy eating habits have increased the chances of children becoming obese which may lead to serious health complications.

It is hard to force a kid to stay active or encourage them to adopt healthy eating habits. As much as you as a parent wish to provide everything to your child, you too wish them too lead a healthy life, be active, energized and strong which can only be made possible by adopting the right lifestyle.

This is why Mosaic Nursery Reem Island has always motivated kids to eat healthy and indulge activities that are not just fun but physically demanding. And yes, no results can be achieved without the proper involvement of parents and so, the management at mosaic nursery encourages parents to equally participate in games that their kid’s play, enhancing bonding and helping raising healthier kids.

Here are a few activities that will actually help you in keeping your kid on the right track:

  1. Exercise as family

Kids learn quickly from what they see. If you want your kids to exercise then start exercising yourself. Make it a family affair and they’ll be happy to do it.

  1. Limit time screen

The most important of all is to LIMIT TIME SCREEN. Dedicate a few hours for a screen which may include watching TV or playing games in a day. This way your kid will explore the surround and invent new activities to keep themselves engaged, leading to increased creativity and healthier brain function.

  1. Set a schedule

From waking up to doing homework, from eating to play, set a schedule for activity so that your child knows when to do what. Not only will it help them learn time management but also kepe them healthy both mentally and physically.

  1. Be creative with food

Incorporate vegetables in your menu in a way that the kids find it delicious to eat. Teach the advantages of eating healthy and indulge yourself in healthy habits as well because what you do will have an impact on your kid’s behavior.

  1. Spend more time with your kids

If you wish to keep your children’s healthy, spend more time with them. Play and talk to them so they know you are always by their side. This way they will remain happy which is crucial to keep a developing brain healthy and active.

  1. Getting a good’s night sleep

Sleeping for 7-8 hours is necessary for every human being in order to remain sane and active. Make sure your little one gets proper sleep so they have better concentration and remain energized throughout the day, helping them learn and retain more information.

  1. Avoid sugar

It is important to keep children hydrated. The best is to help them the habit of drinking lots and lots of water which improves growth, circulation of blood and energizes the brain to work even better. Avoid sugary drinks and items as excess of it can always be harmful.

  1. Praise them

Reward your child with little gift or praise them when they do something good. This reinforcement helps them understand the difference between good and bad actions which stays them forever. A happy child is a healthy child!

  1. Never compare

Compare your kid with another and you’ll be crushing their confidence. If you want your child to grow into a confident adult, never compare them with others.

  1. Be a role model

Whatever you do, your child will not only observe and learn but also try replicate your actions. If you wish your kid to lead a healthy life, first your yourself have to adopt healthy habits.

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