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Top 10 Things To Consider When Choosing A Preschool

Top 10 Things To Consider When Choosing A Preschool

Which factors should a parent consider when choosing a childcare option?

The sheer numbers of Preschools in Abu Dhabi often make the search a little overwhelming for the parents. To ease your search, we have mentioned the top ten things to consider when choosing a preschool for your little ones.

  1. References and word of Mouth:

Indeed, good word of mouth is the first thing, but look for reliable references and recommendations regarding the preschools and childcare options you have selected. Check among your coworkers, friends and family whose kids go to the preschools you have selected and take their valuable opinion.

  1. Curriculum:

Nursery schools in Abu Dhabi follow different curriculum. You need to understand which one fits best your child’s need and unique interests. Some most common curriculums are The American, The British Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS), Reggio Emilia Approach, Waldorf, the Creative Curriculum, etc. we would recommend you to look for a fine British preschool in Abu Dhabi.  

  1. Location:

Location is essential while choosing a preschool for your child. Look for options available nearby your home or office to save commute time which can be really exhausting for kids.

  1. Staff to child ratio:

Not all the Kids School Abu Dhabi follows the prescribed staff to child ratio in the classroom. When you visit the preschool, don’t forget to observe how many children a teacher is handling at a time.

  1. Preschool Environment:

Unfamiliar environment and new faces often lead to anxiety in children and may affect the learning abilities. Therefore, a preschool environment should be designed in a way that it keeps the kids engaged throughout the day and reduces separation anxiety.

Different areas of an environment have different stimulation level, the performance and learning differ accordingly.

Best Nurseries in Abu Dhabi offers indoor and outdoor play areas, baby proof gym, water play areas, and a clinic with an experienced nurse.

  1. Staff turnover ratio:

High staff turnover ratio depicts there is a problem in the system and the staff is not satisfied. Kids get emotionally attached to their caregivers and teachers therefore, ensure the staff turnover ratio should be really low or at least a teacher remains for the complete session.

  1. Rules and Regulations:

A good Kids Schools Abu Dhabi should have well-defined rules and regulations and should ensure its implementations. Check the rules like whether the preschool allow anyone else to pick the child if you aren’t available to pick. How long a child can stay at preschool if you get late someday?

  1. Health and Safety:

Check the health and safety measures. If there is an outdoor play area, the toys, rides, balance beam, and other equipment should be childproof. Check whether there is a clinic and a nurse to give first aid.

  1. Hours of operation:

Mosaic Nursery offers a variety of sessions throughout the day. There are options to choose from morning, afternoon, evening, half day and full day. The different sessions start from 08:00 am to 06:00 pm.

  1. Fee Structure:

Check the fee structure for instance, Mosaic Nursery offers the most flexible fee structure as per the days and hours you select. The fees start from AED 6,300 for three days in a week to AED 15,500 for five days in a week for full day session. Check the website for more details.

What questions should I ask preschool?

Many parents often get confused as what questions to ask when they visit the preschools so the advice is not to ask questions that are already mentioned on the preschool website as it gives a negative impression, secondly the teachers are short on time therefore, parents need to be well prepared before visiting the nursery.

Here is the list of questions you should ask when you visit the preschool;

  1. Check the website for the fee structure, you can ask them about any hidden costs that you should be aware of?
  2. Will the parents be responsible for purchasing the school supplies or the school will provide?
  3. Do they value parental participation? If yes, how much? As for working parents it becomes a little difficult to participate a lot.
  4. Are the parents allowed for the preschool tour?
  5. How often do you share child’s progress? Are there parent’s teacher meetings?
  6. How many children will be in your child’s class?
  7. What is the child to teacher’s ratio?
  8. What is the teacher’s turnover ratio?
  9. Do you allow any other person except parents to pick up the child?
  10. What are discipline policies?
  11. If your child is allergic to any specific thing or food, do mention it.
  12. Will they prepare the child for kindergarten transition?
  13. What is active play time? Is there outdoor play area for physical well-being of kids?
  14. How do they implement the curriculum in daily routine?
  15. If there is no spaces available in this session ask them if they have a waiting list, also ask how long is the list and what are the chances of admission?

Hope you are now clear on what factors to consider when choosing a preschool and what kind of questions to ask.

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