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Top 10 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas For Kids

Top 10 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas for Kids

With the New Year’s Eve just being around the corner, you must be looking for some fun party ideas for your kids to keep them engaged.

Mosaic, a Reem Island Nursery has shared some super creative and easy ideas for kids to celebrate New Year Eve.

1. Fake New Year Countdown:

The young kids can’t stay up until the mid night for the New Year celebrations, as it may disturb their sleeping routine. You can fake the New Year countdown by simply changing the time in the clock. This is the best way for your kids to be a part of New Year celebration without staying up until midnight. Give them party poppers, wear party hats and have a lot of fun when the clock strikes fake 12 am.

2. Countdown cookies:

The learning at the British preschool in Abu Dhabi is fun-filled. You can bake countdown cookies. For the toddlers, you can just write numbers with chocolate syrup and tell them the hours left for the New Year Eve and eat each cookie. While for big kids, you can draw a clock on each cookie and tell them the time left for New Year.

3. New Year photo props:

There are aplenty ideas for photo props. For instance, take a paper plate, stick an ice-cream Popsicle as the holder, ask the kids to paint the plate, throw the glitter generously, write 2020 on it. Your 2020 prop is ready. Take lots of pictures at a photo booth.

4. Glittery Play dough activity:

Kids love play dough. The New Year party is incomplete without glitter play dough activities. Just add golden and silver glitter to give festive effect in the play dough. Let the kids use their imagination to make things with the play dough.

5. A Minute to win it:

You can plan several one minute games to keep the kids active throughout the party. The winner of each game gets the gift.

6. Party favors:

Don’t forget to send the kids back home with the party favors. You can put their favorite snacks or toys.

7. Pajama party:

At home, all the family members can enjoy pajama party. Eat your favorite snacks, watch movie, play games and dance of New Year songs.

8. Edible Christmas Horns:

Toddlers take everything in mouth so the teachers at the play schools in Abu Dhabi plan safe yet creative party activities. Edible Christmas horns are so easy to make and keep the kids entertained throughout the party.

You can make it yourself by taking ice-cream cones, dip it in white chocolate and roll it in sprinkles. Cover the tip of the cone with the fondant to make a mouthpiece of the horn.

9. Party blowers:

The best Playschool in Abu Dhabi encourage art and craft activities to boost creativity in young kids. You can make your own party blowers by simply using colorful wrapping paper and a paper straw.

10. New Year Sensory Bin:

Mosaic Nursery is a decent preschool in Abu Dhabi that follows the British Early Year Foundation curriculum to make learning more fun-filled for kids.

You can prepare a sensory bin with a New Year twist.  In a tub, you can add pom-pom, cotton balls, feathers, bells, shredded colorful paper, party hats, party blowers or anything that has a different texture, sound, and color. Add some glitter, beads and sequins to give the bin a festive look.

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