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Top 10 Expert Tricks For Managing Your Preschool Classroom

Top 10 Expert Tricks For Managing Your Preschool Classroom

Here are few classroom management tricks suggested by experienced teachers of the Mosaic Nursery in Abu Dhabi. You can follow these steps to manage your preschool classroom.

  1. Layout the classroom systematically:

The classrooms of Mosaic best Nursery in Abu Dhabi are well designed and spacious. There are six to seven learning stations in each classroom. These learning stations are systematically placed. Four kids are assigned to one station. For instance, the activities that require silence and brainstorming are on one side of the classroom while the activities that are noisy and require teamwork are at the other side of the classroom to make it less chaotic.

  1. Make the transition easy:

It is crucial for preschool teachers to communicate with the kids in a proper manner that they actually understand what is expected from them. For instance, if you want a child to move from one learning station to the other, then the right way to say is “Okay Ali, it’s your time to come over and help me in this activity.” This way the child understands that this is a command from a teacher and he has no other choice.

The kids get involved in their favorite activities and get disturbed when they are asked to move to the next learning station. The best way is to inform them prior and start a countdown to prepare them for the transition.

  1. Create a friendly character:

Kids love cartoons. Through their favorite cartoon characters or puppets, you can teach them love, care, empathy, good manners, etc.

  1. Self-directed learning environment:

Mosaic Nursery is one of the best preschools in Abu Dhabi that focuses on making the kids self-dependent and more responsible from a really early age. The classroom has kid’s friendly labels to promote self-directed learning.

For instance, the baskets are labeled with the respective pictures on it. The kids will put the ball, stuff toys, etc as per the pictures on the label of a basket.

  1. Consistency is Key:

Kids remain happy and calm if they follow a uniform routine of eating, sleeping, studying, playing, etc.

  1. Plan the activities:

Some activities are easy and fun-filled like play dough activity, blocks, painting, etc. While other activities require brainstorming and teacher’s assistance. Therefore, plan the activities in such a way that one learning station should be easy and require no assistance, while others should be comparatively difficult then easy and so on.

  1. Plan engaging activities:

If you want the kids to enjoy learning thoroughly, then plan your curriculum in such a way that it encourages children’s participation, give them challenging task but avoid frustration.

  1. Be a role Model:

Kids observe the teachers and caretakers really closely therefore set positive examples and be a good role model for them.

  1. Use of Technology:

Since this is an era of technology therefore, incorporate technology wisely in your day to day classroom activities. There are aplenty math, vocabulary, and other exercises available that kids can perform on the interactive boards.

  1. Set classroom rules:

Mosaic is a decent nursery school in Abu Dhabi that not only prepares the kids for academic success but groom their overall personality.

They believe that good behavior should be taught from a really early age; therefore, the teachers should communicate what is acceptable and what is a prohibited behavior.

For instance, sharing is caring, cleanup time, no hitting or biting, hug a pillow when you feel sad, put the toys in the basket, etc.

Hope, this article is helpful for teachers to manage the preschool classroom.

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