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Toddler And Pre-School Hair Pulling

Toddler and Pre-School Hair Pulling

The kids usually twirl and play with their mother’s hair while drinking milk or before sleeping, as it is soothing and comforting for them.

The toddlers pull hair when they are angry, upset, and unable to communicate their feelings or want attention. This habit is just similar to biting, pinching, kicking, hitting, bumping the head forcefully on the bed, thumb sucking, etc. All these habits are ways to express anger, frustration, and anxiety in young kids.

The kids get uncomfortable when exposed to a new environment. Therefore, parents should look for a Preschool Learning Center that offers a friendly and home-like environment so that the child feels relaxed and doesn’t have the anxiety of separation from parents.

If you think that the hair-pulling habit of your child is not normal and is quite bizarre, then here is all you need to know about hair pulling habits in toddlers and pre-school children.

It is quite normal for toddlers to take one week to adjust in a Preschool in Abu Dhabi, but if a child is taking too long and have a weird habit of extreme hair pulling not just his own but his class fellows, then the teachers should immediately inform the parents.

It is pivotal for parents to be vigilant and notice the smallest habit of their child. Once a child pulls out hair, their brain makes neural connections that trigger this habit again and again. It is really important to take action quickly, as it gets tougher with each passing day.

Once you have identified that the child has a habit of hair pulling then the question arises why they do so? Is it painful? Do they just pull their own hair or somebody else is the victim? What do they actually do with the hair they pull out?

Usually, the parents are unaware with the fact that severe hair pulling is not just a habit, but a legitimate disorder known as Trichotillomania. In this disorder, the child can’t resist yearn to pull out the hair. Therefore, it is really important to take quick actions to tame this habit.

It’s really painful to watch your little ones pulling out a tuft of his/her own hair just as a habit, and they seem really placid when they do so. Many kids yank the hair of other’s; moms are the most common victims.

Mosaic is the best nursery in Abu Dhabi that not just focus on the academic success of kids, but work on the overall personality of the little ones. One of the senior teachers at Mosaic Nursery, Reem Island stated that this hair-pulling behavior in toddlers and preschoolers can overcome with proper guidance, rigid actions, plenty of love and care, and a lot of positive reinforcement.

Toddler and Pre-School Hair Pulling 1

Here are a few activities suggested by the teachers of Mosaic Nursery to tame the hair pulling habit in young kids;

  1. Hairdo Activity:

When the child gets frustrated, you can perform this toy hairdo activity with them. Don’t tell the kids what not to do, instead use positive ways to teach them the right behavior. Give comb and lots of hair bands, clips and teach them how to handle the hair delicately. This reduces their anxiety.

  1. Punching bag:

Punching bag reduces anger and anxiety in kids. They find an alternative way to show their anger and divert their minds from hair pulling.

Kinetic sand, play dough, painting, and drawing, relaxes the mind of kids and diverts them from hair pulling.

The hair pulling habit in toddlers and preschoolers can be treated if we take quick actions to solve the problem, later it becomes a firm habit and become really difficult to tame.

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