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The Best Nurseries In Abu Dhabi

The Best Nurseries in Abu Dhabi

Finding the best nursery in Abu Dhabi is a fearing and an apprehensive task for most of the parents as Abu Dhabi offers dizzying choices of nursery schools with such a short deadline to apply and never ending waiting lists so you have to be really proactive.

Here are the guidelines you can follow to find the best nursery for your tot in Abu Dhabi.

1. Be Proactive:

Start your school hunting process at least a year before the admission of your baby so you will have plenty of time to research about the prospective schools. If the school offers early enrollment, then you should definitely enroll your child beforehand, otherwise visit the school on a regular basis to observe the environment and admission policies. If you are late, don’t freak out! The best nurseries in Abu Dhabi usually have waiting lists so your child may get admission if there is an opening in the same batch.

2. Ask for Recommendations:

Ask your colleagues, friends and relatives about the best nurseries, shortlist them on the basis of recommendations and reviews then visit the nurseries for the real time idea. Attend fairs and open house programs in which prospective parents are allowed to visit.

3. Ask Relevant Questions

Visit the nursery schools to find more about the curriculum, learning methods, teacher’s behavior and admission policies. Ask as many relevant questions as possible to ensure your child is in safe hands, don’t hesitate as the best nurseries understand your concern regarding your little one.

3. Know Your Priorities

If you both are working parents and don’t have anyone to look after your child, then look for nurseries that proffer flexible school hours and after school day care. The fee structure alters as per the program you select.

5. Trust Your Instinct

The nurseries that are awarded as the best nurseries of the town may not work best for you and your child so there is no perfect definition of the best one. The best nursery for your kid is the one that suits your working hours, nearby your residence or workplace, affordable, provide clean and healthy environment, teaches your child with love and care, let them explore and experiment, make them strong socially and emotionally. If you find all these factors when you visit the nursery, then you should definitely opt for it rather than just run after the most over hyped nurseries.

Our Recommendation

If you live nearby Reem Island, Abu Dhabi then you should blindly trust Mosaic Nursery for your tot. Mosaic nursery in Abu Dhabi i magically fulfills all the above parameters and you will feel relaxed while sending your kid to the nursery that is safe and comfortable. They are expert in child care and development. The explicitly trained staff is humble and cooperative. They follow EYFS framework that does not have any predesigned curriculum, the facilitators design activities as per your kid’s natural interest through imaginative and creative activities. The best part is that they proffer flexible timings so you can opt for whatever suits you and your child.

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