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Right Age To Start Preschool – Parenting Tips

Right Age to Start Preschool – Parenting Tips

There are significant pieces of evidence that prove that the children who attend preschool perform better in their academic life ahead, but the question arises what is the right age to start a preschool?

All the kids are different, one child may be really excited for a new preschool, but for another child separation from parents is such big distress. This article may help you determine whether your child falls under the right age category of preschool or not.

Mosaic Reem Island Nursery believes that Kids are like delicate flowers, it is really pivotal for both parents and kids to at least spend the first three years with each other to build a strong relationship of unconditional love and care.

The best nursery in Abu Dhabi takes the kids from three years and above, at this age, a child is expected to be potty trained. The kids of this age group can interact, play and cooperate with other kids. Though it is unfair to expect a child to happily say good-bye to parents, but a three-year-old child takes almost a week to gel in a new environment. A three-year-old can easily sit for a few hours at a preschool setting.

If you both are working parents and have no one to look after your toddler in your absence, then you are fortunate enough as there are several preschools that provide after school child care service as well, so you can relax back while the experienced staff is there to take care of your child.

Here are a few parenting tips to prepare your child for preschool;

  1. Potty Training:

By the age of three years, you should potty train your child. It is mandatory that your child should be out of the diaper phase completely before entering them into a preschool. It takes few weeks to train the kid and he will easily inform you when he feels the need to use the toilet.

  1. Make him independent:

Usually new mothers make their child totally dependent on them, which create issues later on. Start practicing small activities; for instance, pass the newspaper to your dad, wash your hands after using the toilet, bring your clothes, etc.

  1. Spend some time with relatives:

At times, fathers should baby sit while mothers should go out for a few hours so that the child can understand the idea of being away from moms, they learn to cope up with the separation anxiety issues. On the weekends, let the child spend few hours alone with relatives like grand-parents or aunts so that they learn to adjust in a new environment alone without the parents.

  1. Provide assistance when needed:

Mosaic Nursery is a British preschool that suggests that parents should not guide each and every step to a child. Let them explore and make mistakes. Let them enjoy and play on their own.

For instance, if they are playing with the puzzles or blocks, let them try by themselves first, provide them assistance only when needed.

  1. Play dates:

A child under three years old can’t sit for a few hours and participate in group activities. If you are a new mom and don’t have others kids at home to play with your child, then you should arrange play dates with your friend’s children so that your child learns to socialize.

If you are looking for a good preschool in Abu Dhabi then visit Mosaic Nursery; it provides safe, healthy, clean, secure and happy environment. They have flexible days and timings so you can select whatever suits you and your child’s routine.

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