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Reopening Of Preschools With Precautionary Measures Amid COVID-19

Reopening of Preschools With Precautionary Measures Amid COVID-19

The reopening of preschool is looking different this year due to COVID-19; Mosaic Nursery in Reem Island has implemented improved health and safety practices to ensure a safe environment for your little ones. Here is everything you need to know about the precautions and safety measures we have taken;

Guidance for Re-Opening of Kids Preschools

Reopening of Preschools

  • There is a fully equipped clinic at Mosaic Nursery with a Registered Nurse who is capable of handling all aspects of the health and safety of your child. We keep a medical track of each and every child. In order to cope up with the current pandemic, we have set up an isolation room with designated staff. In case a child or any staff member begins to show a symptom of COVID-19 during a day, he will be immediately shifted to an isolation room and then send back home or hospital as per his condition.

    Reminding Kids & Adults

  • For the safety of young kids, we have made it mandatory to present a COVID-19 test report. We won’t allow anyone to enter the premises of our school without a valid negative test report of a maximum of 96 hours. Parents are also requested to cooperate with the strict policies set for the safety of their own kids and bring their reports along.
  • The classrooms at Mosaic Nursery, Reem Island are spacious and bright with all the equipment necessary for the learning and development of kids. To avoid the transmission of coronavirus, we will train the kids to maintain a 5-meter distance with each other. We have placed signage reminding kids and adults about maintaining physical distancing. We will entertain only 10 children per class and 8 for younger ones as they need more attention and care.

    Virtual Learning Opportunities

  • Teachers will closely monitor each kid for signs of infectious sickness. A designated staff member will check the temperature of everyone before allowing them to enter the school premises. Parents are requested to keep the kids at home if they are sick, We have an option of virtual learning opportunities for kids who cannot attend school due to illness.
  • Mask is mandatory for all staff members, teachers, drivers, and caretakers. Kids above two years can wear a soft cloth mask which is easily breathable and less irritating for kids.
  • We will suggest parents to provide pick and drop to their kids by themselves and avoid public transport and van service. It would be better if one parent is accompanied by the child every day.
  • Parents are requested to maintain a physical distance of at least 2 meters and wear a mask during pick up and drop off.

    Thoroughly Cleaned & Disinfected

  • The kids will wash their hands with soap and water upon arriving at the school under the supervision of our staff members. Their hands will be sanitized several times a day.
  • We at Mosaic Nursery ensure all the toys, equipment, and learning material are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The toilet seats, diaper changing stations, faucet handles, doorknobs are cleaned and sanitized after every use. The surface and other areas and objects that the kids are likely to touch will be rinsed and cleaned every day.
  • We know sharing is caring, but not during this deadly pandemic. Kids will be given their own pencil, colors, paints, rubber, glue stick, scissors, etc. which will not be allowed to share with each other.
  • We have marked spots on the floor of the classrooms to help guide kids where to sit when they are not at their desks.
  • Due to the long break, we understand that it will be really difficult for many kids to come back to the school routine. So, we will focus more on providing social and emotional support to kids than on the curriculum.

    Learning Stations & Activities

  • We will create a protective bubble to keep your little ones safe from exposure. Children will stay in the same classroom with the same kids, and teachers and use the same learning material every day. There are at least six to seven different learning stations in each class related to science, social studies, math, literacy, art, and craft, etc. Kids are allowed to choose whatever fascinates them. We have modified the learning stations and activities due to COVID-19. In order to create social distance, there are fewer kids in each group and will be asked to sit at least six feet apart from each other.
  • There is a small baby proof gym facility at the Mosaic Nursery Reem Island to encourage the physical well-being of kids. All the rides and equipment will be disinfected before reopening of the nursery.
  • Alternate timings will be followed for outdoor playing to avoid crowding. Kids will be given simple equipment like balls or hoops that are easy to clean later.
  • Mosaic Nursery will ensure proper sterilization of classrooms, library, gym, clinic, indoor and outdoor play areas.

The above mentioned are the safety measures that Mosaic nursery has taken. We will ensure the proper implementation of these SOPs.

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