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Types Of Preschool Programs – Preschool Curriculum

Types of Preschool Programs – Preschool Curriculum

Preschools in Abu Dhabi follow different teaching philosophies and curriculums. When choosing a preschool, parents need to have a clear understanding of each curriculum and then decide whether to choose a developmental curriculum or an academic focused teaching style or even a mix of both as per their child’s interests and needs.

Whatever, the curriculum you choose, Kids School Abu Dhabi follow a particular daily routine with several structured and unstructured activities to keep the kids engaged throughout the day.

Below mentioned are the most common curriculums that are followed at the best nurseries in Abu Dhabi.

Preschool Programs

  1. The American Curriculum:

The American curriculum is one of the most commonly practiced curricula in Abu Dhabi preschools. The focus of this curriculum is on the personal development of each child. The kids are given an over view on broad range of subjects that are necessary for the life-long academic success. This is a flexible curriculum so there is no standardized method of performance monitoring, hence the education quality varies.

  1. The British Curriculum:

There are several nursery schools in Abu Dhabi that offer the British Curriculum. The Early Stage Foundation Stage (EYFS) covers the preschool course. This curriculum is most reliable and accepted internationally. This is the best curriculum as it promotes regular assessments which gives a clear picture of a child’s performance and helps in taking the necessary actions timely.

  1. The International Baccalaureate:

This is a globally renowned curriculum that is widely recognized in Europe. The children are taught a variety of subjects like Language, Science, Mathematics and Arts. Don’t worry these difficult subjects are not bombarded in a problematic way on your little ones. It focuses on the total development of a child from academics to social, emotional, physical and cultural needs.

The curriculum structure is based on five main elements; concepts, skills, knowledge, action and attitude.

This curriculum is not suggested for preschoolers as the workload is high and it is less flexible.

  1. Reggio Emilia Approach:

The Reggio Emilia approach of learning is all project-based and provide guidance for improving the problem-solving skills, engage the kids with their community, build their social and emotional skills, and enjoy learning and new experiences.

  1. The Creative Curriculum:

Mosaic Nursery in Abu Dhabi follows the creative curriculum. In this curriculum, the activities are designed keeping in mind the four main areas of interest that are social/ emotional, physical, language and cognitive.

This curriculum is a fine balance between child-led and teacher’s directed learning. This is the most effective curriculum for preschoolers.

  1. Montessori:

This preschool program is child-centered and the teachers act merely as a guide. The kids are allowed to learn at their own pace until they master the skill. This program gives freedom to kids within certain limits. There are several activities and kids are allowed to choose whatever fascinates them within the prescribed range of activities.

  1. Waldorf approach:

Preschools that follow Waldorf approach provides home-like environment. The kids follow a predictable routine every day. This curriculum doesn’t allow the use of technology like computers, tablets, video, mobile, etc. Unlike other curriculums, the Waldorf approach doesn’t introduce reading in the early years of preschool, instead the kids start reading from grade 1.

We would suggest choosing the Creative curriculum that is based on the core principles of both learning and development. It is quite easy and flexible too.

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