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Best Play Schools In Abu Dhabi – Reem Island

Best Play Schools In Abu Dhabi – Reem Island

We understand the pressure on parents for finding a safe and comfortable childcare provider for their little ones who can nurture their kids with love and care.

To do your search a little easier, we have shortlisted some of the best Playschools in Abu Dhabi.

1. British Orchard Nursery:

British Orchard is a well established name in the field of education with almost ten branches in Dubai, two branches in Abu Dhabi and one in Sharjah. For the parents looking for play schools in Abu Dhabi can visit their branches at Al Bateen and Al Nahyan.

The Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum is practiced with the focus on all seven areas of learning and development in young kids.

2. Blooming Buds Nursery:

Blooming buds nursery at Al Bateen, provides a happy and safe environment to kids. They follow the British EYFS curriculum and offer huge collection of hands-on activities, lots of purposeful playing, stories and music to make learning fun-filled for kids. The feedback from parents is quite positive. The staff is well trained and cooperative. They have both indoor and outdoor play area for kids.

3. Noah’s Ark Nurseries:

Noah’s Ark is a leading group of nurseries with an experience of almost 22 years. They offer high-quality standards of education, so you can relax back as your child is in safe hands in your absence. They focus on over all development and well being of children. The three branches in Abu Dhabi are located at MBZ City Musaffah, Al Najda Street, and Khalifa City A.

4. Mosaic Nursery:

Parents looking for the best preschool in Abu Dhabi for their little munchkins should definitely visit Mosaic Nursery at Reem Island, as it offers high-quality child care with the affordable fee structure. They have well-defined school policies for everything; school timings, staff to student ratio, or emergency handling, etc.

The staff is welcoming and cooperative. They believe that parents and teachers should work together as a team for the betterment of kids so they keep the parents well informed about the child’s progress on a regular basis and appreciate their suggestions and feedback.

There are several Abu Dhabi play schools that claim to follow the EYFS framework, but Mosaic Nursery actually implements the EYFS curriculum and provides a fun-filled and creative environment to broaden the horizon of your toddlers and work on their overall development.

They have well equipped indoor play area with age appropriate toys and material to encourage structured learning where the kids use their imagination and creative skills. There are multiple learning centers in the classroom to teach difficult concepts in playful manner.

There is a small outdoor play area to encourage unstructured learning where kids are free to explore and play.

The Play schools for kids rarely understand the fact that each child is unique and has different likes and dislikes. A single teaching methodology that fits one child may fail on the other child. At Mosaic, the teachers give individual attention to each child and adapt the curriculum as per child’s needs and interests.

What is Playschools?

what is playschool

Nowadays life has become very tough for working parents in Abu Dhabi. The biggest problem is time management; it is difficult for them to take out quality time for their children. Kids between 2-5 years of age need quality time with attention, education, and training for overall development. Therefore, in order to provide all the facilities to the children parents look for play-schools in Abu Dhabi that can nurture their kids with love and care.

What is play-school?

Playschools in Abu Dhabi are academic centers where children spend a few hours of their day. This is the first time when children step out of their homes and enter a new environment without their parents. Playschools include activities like arts and crafts, storytelling, academic games and many more to entertain the kids with their favorite activities. These schools also focus on the development of important skills like communication, problem-solving, literacy, science, mathematics, etc.

The kids follow a uniform routine at playschool so that they feel relax and comfortable in the environment. At Mosaic nursery, there are multiple learning stations. Kids spend at least half an hour on each station and then move on to the next one. The whole day is well-planned so that the kids don’t get cranky. There are timings for every activity like for meal, indoor and outdoor play, art and craft, and other activities.

what is playschool

Timings at Abu Dhabi play-schools are mostly flexible. Choose the playschool that works best for you and your child’s routine. For instance, At Mosaic Reem Island, the timings are super flexible. You can choose from morning to half-day, afternoon or full-day sessions as per your feasibility.

Playschools develop the social and emotional skills of children. At playschools, kids learn to socialize with friends and communicate with teachers. They learn how to control their emotions. The concept of playschool is to let the kids enjoy the whole process while learning different skills which include fun activities.

Importance of play school

  • Learning

Every activity and game at play school is performed in such a way that it provides a learning experience to the children. The toys and equipment stimulate their learning process and improve their creative abilities.

  • Free play

There is an indoor play area with a lot of toys to encourage free play. Kid loves pretend play, it improves their creative thinking ability, and they learn while playing.

The teachers act merely as a facilitator and plan activities that are interesting for kids.

Play schools allow children to play anything they want without forcing them to do something else. There are no restrictions and limitations, kids choose the activity or game they would like to play while the teachers connect the games with a learning of a particular skill.

  • Reduces separation anxiety

Usually, the kids get separated from their parents for the first time so it is common that most kids get separation anxiety. The teachers are well-trained to handle the kids and control their anxiety issues. Also, the playschools are designed in an appealing way so the kids love to spend time without their parents.

Play schools for kids are important to make the transition to school much easier by providing a concrete learning environment. Play schools help the child to reduce separation anxiety and help them to face the world. This makes the kid more self-confident and independent to deal with other people.

  • Kids learn diversity

The British preschools in Abu Dhabi have kids from diverse backgrounds. From this tender age, the kids learn to respect and accept the differences among each other. The teachers treat all the kids equally without any biases of culture, religion, color, or caste.

A Day in the Life of a Preschool Kids 01

Play schools are an important part of kid’s lives and this practice can be made memorable and fun if parents take the right decision of sending their child to the best preschool in Abu Dhabi.

Best Play schools in Abu Dhabi make sure that your child is well looked after, feels comfortable and secure while building the knowledge and confidence to perform well in the formal school.

Hope this article will help you in deciding the best play school for your child.

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