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Leading Nursery For Kids In Abu Dhabi

Leading Nursery For Kids in Abu Dhabi

The initial and most crucial step in a child’s academic life is the selection of the right nursery school for him. The learning and skills the child develops at this stage are to stay with him for his lifetime. So, the selection should be made very carefully and wisely. No matter in which part of the world you live in you can strive to find the best nursery school for your child. Thanks to globalization, various international schools have made their way into places where you would have otherwise failed to search a good institute at. Are you a resident of Abu Dhabi and are worried about your choice of a nursery school for your child who is about to tread the first rung in his academic ladder? If yes, then there’s a good news for you, you are just at the right place, Mosaic nursery located at Reem Island Abu Dhabi is the answer to your prayers. It is a leading British preschool in Abu Dhabi for kids, with high quality international standard education system and skilled staff, to help shape up the futures of your little ones.

Mosaic Nursery is a British preschool in Abu Dhabi that has designed aplenty fun-filled activities to strengthen the muscles that help in study, formulating and analyzing.

Why should you prefer Mosaic Nursery?

With up to mark facilities and highly skilled staff mosaic nursery has occupied a top spot in the list of leading British nursery schools in Abu Dhabi. They specialize at making the journey of your children through their early education years fun filled yet full of quality education. Age group from twelve months to four years is taken in by this institute. Given below are the facilities offered here:

  • Perfect Classrooms that are separate for various age groups, taking into consideration the fact those children at different phases of development require different kind of set up suitable to their needs and aptitude. The curriculum, ergonomics and the environment as a whole are very children friendly, as is evident in the separate interest areas within the four walls of the classroom. The administration at Mosaic nursery knows just the right kind of things and knowledge your child deserves.
  • A Well-equipped Library, to boost the children’s’ language skills and imagination. A carefully sorted book and educational toys collection is made available to the children which helps in improving the children’s linguistic abilities both verbal and written.
  • A perfect and spacious indoor play area or Gym is built with all the essential equipment appropriate for children’s development. The aim is to make children learn the significance of fun and play along with academics. Physical activity is equally emphasized upon in this nursery as is education and learning, as they learn new skills.
  • Outdoor Play Area, There is an outdoor play area with the bounds of the nursery that has been built in a way to enhance creativity, vision, and predilection to physical activity in young children. This also promotes healthy interaction among the fellow students. Also, this builds self-confidence in children.
  • Balance curriculum, Of paramount importance is the curriculum Mosaic Nursery offers, which has a balanced approach, giving equal importance to adult led and self-learning mode of education.

For parents residing in Abu Dhabi, if you’re on a search for the leading British Nursery for kids in Abu Dhabi than Mosaic Nursery Reem Island is surely one of the best choices that will help your children grow up into confident and intellect individuals.

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