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Best Kids Schools In Abu Dhabi

Best Kids Schools in Abu Dhabi

Parents are extremely concerned about making the right choice about their children’s education. In this regard selection of the first school for one’s child becomes a challenging task. The school you would want to send your child to must have all the good qualities so your child gets to learn in the best environment possible. The people who live away from their native country for bread earning or some other reasons, this choice becomes an even bigger an ordeal as they do not know much about the host country’s education system and standard. Mosaic Nursery school is a leading British preschool in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates that has made this choice easier and less challenging for the parents of Abu Dhabi. It would not be wrong to call Mosaic nursery the most trustworthy kids nursery school here.

High-Quality Education:

The goal of this institute is to inculcate great mannerisms along with high-quality education into their students’ minds. The curriculum is specially designed to stimulate the young brains to explore things and discover new methods of learning on their own. The creative curriculum ensures quality teaching combined in a perfect balance with self-learning, which is a feature unique to this nursery. This mode of teaching works wonders in honing mental growth and skills in children.

Skilled and professional staff:

This early year’s educational institute is run by a highly experienced and skilled staff, both administrative and teaching. With a gentle attitude towards students these instructors make learning fun for the children alongside maintaining the high standard of education. A great faculty is a factor that makes Mosaic nursery stand out among the rest of its competitors.

Perfect Campus Life:

One of the most appealing features is the perfect campus life at mosaic nursery school in Abu Dhabi. The classrooms are spacious with great decoration, planning, furniture and the environment as a whole. Children are provided up to mark facilities, for example, a well-planned gym or play area inside and a children-friendly outdoor playground within the four walls of the school building. Physical health is an essential goal of Mosaic nursery along with mental health.

Manners and etiquettes:

As a parent, the thing which might attract you first is how well behaved are the students who pass out from this school. An equal amount of emphasis is placed on teaching of good manners to children.

Medical Care:

Children are naturally inquisitive by disposition as they learn and explore different new things, they come across various small injuries e.g. falling while playing in the playground and getting a sprain while losing balance while running, etc. keeping in view this need, Mosaic nursery has a well arranged Clinic at the school. This is an often overlooked yet most significant feature in a school at the time of selection.

Fee Structure:

The fee structure is pretty flexible for parents as it is divided into three different fee packages, starting from 8500 AED so that you can choose the package that best fits in with your lifestyle and routine.

For the origins who are observing for kids schools in Abu Dhabi, Mosaic Nursery Reem Island is the best option for your kids.

Now we have a list of the best nurseries in Abu Dhabi, you can review and shortlist the most suited one for your toddler.

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