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How Does Homeschooling Really Work? An In Depth Interview With An Abu Dhabi Mom!

How Does Homeschooling Really Work? An In Depth Interview with an Abu Dhabi Mom!

Homeschooling can either be an overwhelming experience or it can leave you in big trouble; there is nothing in between. As the term depicts clearly homeschooling is providing the foundation education for your child on your own.

Home Schooling

We have conducted an in-depth interview with an Abu Dhabi mom who chose to homeschool her toddler. Let’s see her experience and what would she recommend to all the readers here.

“Many people believe that if you are not getting your child admitted to a preschool learning center, then there must be some financial constraints. That’s not actually true!” There are several other factors as well, which results in selecting homeschooling over kid’s schools in Abu Dhabi, she said.

We were new parents and were really anxious to send our little one to a proper school environment in such a young age, so I thought I should teach my child by myself, “what is the purpose of my professional degree if I can’t give home-schooling to my little baby for a few years and prepare him for kindergarten?”

As easy as it may sound, I wish it would be that easy. I would recommend parents to look for a good Preschool in Abu Dhabi. As it’s not ‘anybody’s job’ to teach a toddler. The preschool not only prepares your child to get admission in Kindergarten but there are several other factors as well, which I didn’t consider.

Preschool provides an environment

The preschool provides an environment that is similar to the school so the kids who attend a preschool are more prone to the school environment and take less time to adjust in a kindergarten. They are familiar with the classrooms, classmates, teachers, and most importantly separation from parents every morning.

As tough as it is for kids to cope up with the new environment, trust me it is way more difficult for parents to provide home-schooling to toddlers. You can’t provide a school-like an environment at home. Sometimes you get so busy with the home chores even if you are not a working mother, you have too many other responsibilities as well that you lose patience while teaching the child and may get irritated; this may cause a negative impact on a child.

Parents can read books, search the internet and get as much information as they can in order to give the best education but they are not professionals. They are not trained to educate a child.

Teachers at a preschool are professionally trained to handle the kids. They understand each and every child’s mental capabilities and their unique interests. There are several curriculums followed at the nursery in Abu Dhabi, the British Early Year Foundation Curriculum is the best among all the curriculums offered here. This teaching style is child-led, the teachers don’t follow any predefined learning material or guidelines, and instead, they observe the interests and capabilities of each child and plan the learning activities accordingly.

We cannot provide all the facilities at home like that at nurseries. They have Yoga for kids, dance classes, swimming, outdoor, indoor play activities to improve the cognitive, physical and emotional needs of kids.

Communicating with teachers

At homeschooling, you have to struggle a lot to improve the social skills of a child while at the nursery, the kids are more assertive and have good communication skills as they interact with other students and teachers. Communicating with teachers, playing with friends, sharing lunch with schoolmates, and solving any hassle if faced; parents cannot provide all these opportunities at home on a daily basis.

The whole homeschooling process takes a lot of effort and requires experience; you cannot follow a time table religiously, prepare lessons, teach those lessons in a unique and creative way as a teacher does. It is a full-time commitment that cannot be compromised.

Therefore, I would recommend parents look for decent nursery options like Mosaic Nursery in Reem Island; that provides a home-like environment in really affordable fees.

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