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Fun Home Activities For Preschoolers

Fun Home Activities for Preschoolers

It is said a mother’s lap is a kid’s very first institute, a place where they learn the basic skills to build a better future. Said that teaching a toddler who’s filled with unmatched energy is always one heck of a task, a mountain that needs to be climbed with patience, reverence and the right strategy.

Getting hold of children and making them sit in one place with a pencil and paper in hand surely is difficult because where there is no fun, the kids will naturally resist. So, the idea is to make home schooling fun and entertaining. Like most kids schools in Abu Dhabi, Mosaic Nursery Reem Island believes in making education fun because things that are taught through games and plays are remembered for much longer.

  • Some Fun Home Activities

As a mother, if you find it hard to make your child sit still for even a minute yet alone teach them something good, here are some fun activities’ that are definitely productive, helping your kid develop the right skills and gain knowledge:

  1. Walk on the line

To teach your kids to balance right and polish their motor skills, this activity is surely one of the best. Using tape, draw different types of lines on the floor (zigzag, straight, curved) and ask them to walk on them. The one who reaches the end without falling off wins!

  1. Scavenger Hunt

The ideal game for inculcating the true spirit of working in teams, the scavenger hunt is definitely one entertaining activity for the kids. Not only does this indoor game teach children to work in teams but also help them in developing an ability to follow instructions and work their way through towards the objective.

  1. The listening game

Pick a few random household items, show it to your child and ask them to memorize as many of them as they can. Next, ask them to close their eyes. Pick up an item, tap on it so it creates a certain sound and asks your kid to listen and recognize what it is. Like, pick up a glass, gently tap on it and when it makes a sound, let your child follow their senses and guess!

Mosaic Nursery Reem Island is one preschool in Abu Dhabi that always lays great emphasis on polishing motor and cognitive skills of every child the fun way and this is one game that will definitely aid in better learning of preschoolers.

  1. Ring Toss

Line up a few empty bottles, ask your child to stand at a distance with a few rings in hand and aim. After a few misses, the kid will be forced to focus more on target and put one, if not many, rings in the bottles.

Preschool learning centers like Mosaic Nursery has always worked hard towards using an approach that teaches children new things through games and activities, because it is believed whatever kids learn through games, in a comfortable environment stays with them for a lifetime.

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