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Christmas In The UAE 2020: Festive Things To Do With The Family

Christmas In The UAE 2020: Festive Things To Do With The Family

Christmas is the most amazing time of the year. Like in any other part of the world, Santa’s big day is celebrated with full enthusiasm in UAE as well. This day becomes even more magical when the little angels are around, so grab your kids for the fantastic Christmas celebrations.

Christmas is celebrated with the loved ones, so the whole family enjoys yummy Christmas meals, gives gifts to each other, sing songs, dance, decorate the house and wait for Santa.

Play schools in Abu Dhabi plan exciting and fun-filled activities for the Christmas party. Here are some ideas that you can replicate with your kids.

1. Christmas Scavenger hunt:

Christmas scavenger hunt is the best game for kids to play with the family. Solve the clues and riddles to get the big Christmas gift.

2. Pajama Party:

The playschools in Abu Dhabi keep the Christmas Day fun-filled and light-hearted. The kids are asked to wear red or green pajamas to celebrate the day. They play, eat their favorite snacks, drink their favorite shakes, watch Christmas movies, listen to Christmas songs and read Christmas stories.

3. Christmas block presents:

The British preschools in Abu Dhabi ensure that the curriculum is designed in a way that the educational activities should be fun and exciting for the kids.

You can wrap blocks with the Christmas wrapping sheet, don’t forget to take help from kids to pack some blocks otherwise they will get so curious and try to unwrap it. Ask them to sort the block presents in different colors, shapes and sizes. Once the block present activity is done, ask the kids to unwrap it to satisfy their curiosity of unwrapping.

4. Christmas cards:

Christmas is all about sharing love. At the Mosaic Reem Island Nursery, the kids make lovely Christmas cards for their parents and express their love for them.

5. Christmas puppet show:

Kids love puppet show, and it’s a great way to keep the kids in the festive mood. You can involve the kids in making the props for the puppet show.  If you want to involve science in this activity, you can make it a shadow puppet show. Just take a black sheet and make props, attach it on the stick. You need torchlight for the shadow puppet show.

6. Decorate a Gingerbread:

A high-quality Preschool in Abu Dhabi looks for creative themes to attract the toddlers and what can be better than decorating children’s favorite Gingerbread man. There are a lot of stories on Gingerbread man. You can even teach a lot of early childhood concepts through this creative theme.

7. Christmas tree decorating activity:

Decorating the Christmas tree is fun for everyone. You can involve the kids to make home-made ornaments to decorate the tree. For instance, make a big star using the lollipop sticks, or you can use Popsicle sticks for making versatile things.

Hope now you have an idea about the festive things to do with the family and especially with your little ones.

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