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Best British Preschool In Abu Dhabi

Best British Preschool In Abu Dhabi

If you have a child that is about to take his first step that will prove a foundation to his academic life in future, then you must be really careful in the selection of the right kind of preschool for your child as its going to be a determining factor whether he is going to have a successful career in future or not. Abu Dhabi has the best preschool for your child in the form of Mosaic Nursery at Reem Island. Mosaic Nursery is a leading British nursery school in the United Arab Emirates, which makes it possible for you to be away from your native land yet still offer the best quality education to your preschooler by enrolling him at Mosaic Nursery Schools in Abu Dhabi, so if he returns back he can easily fit in with the environment there. They at Mosaic nursery will take care of all your apprehensions regarding your child’s education.

Mosaic Nursery is a preschool in Abu ©Dhabi that follows the British EYFS curriculum. They don’t have any pre-designed teaching material or activities instead the teachers allow the child to select any learning center or activity that they find interesting.

Why Choose British Standard Preschool

Similarly, at home parents can identify the interests of their kids and show enthusiasm for their interests and offer opportunities for them to explore the subject that is appealing for them. For instance, if your child loves cows, then you can read stories related to cows, get puzzles of cow, draw a cow and ask them to color it. Find interesting facts about the cow; like they give milk, we get meat from cows, they eat plants, etc. Parents should read this complete article about how you can encourage your child’s desire to learn.

Mentioned below are the factors which make Mosaic nursery the best preschool for your children:

Ranking of Mosaic Preschool

Keeping into view various parameters for example, staff, facilities, campus, fee structure, curriculum, etc. The mosaic nursery occupies a leading spot on the list of good preschools in Abu Dhabi.

Up to Mark Classrooms and facilities

The preschool has perfectly designed classrooms with the right kind of ambiance, furniture, and play area within the classroom to enhance your child’s learning and skills. In addition to that a perfect Play School in Abu Dhabi area both indoors and outdoors, gym and library add to the perfection of the school’s facilities.

Great Manners and etiquettes

Children are engaged in special activities that teach them essential manners without them even knowing for example the use of magic words like please, thank you and sorry is emphasized upon. They practice these with their class fellows and teachers which consolidate these gentle gestures in them, and they end up extending the use of such nice words at home and at public places or gatherings as well. These etiquettes become their second nature for life. Sharing is a trait very unique in children this age, the school staff ensures creating selflessness and thus the ability to share in these young ones.

Experienced Administration and Teaching Staff

The preschool and fs1 Schools in Abu Dhabi administration and teaching staff are very helpful, knowledgeable and cooperative. The teachers have a friendly and a very professional attitude with the preschoolers alongside. This perfect combination augments the learning abilities in children. Teachers make the preschoolers open up before their class fellows and teachers increasing their communication skills thereby in the long run interacting in a healthy way with everyone.

Versatile Fee Structure

Another good feature of Mosaic Nursery is that the fee structure of this preschool is grouped into three packages depending on the number of days, starting from 8500 AED and up to 10500 AED. You can opt for the package that suits your financial status. The fee is totally worth the educational experience your child will have as he gets enrolled in Mosaic nursery.

The Mosaic Nursery in Abu Dhabi  is an institution that focuses on your child’s mental and physical development and yet charges a minimal fee for its services so that more parents can take advantage and watch their kids grow into attractive personalities.

Why Choose British Standard Preschool?

There are several play-schools in Abu Dhabi and each follows a different learning approach. Some of the most commonly practiced curricula include the Reggio Emilia approach, Montessori, International Baccalaureate (IB), American, Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, etc.

Why Choose British Standard Preschool?

This article will help you to decide why you should choose the British Standard Preschool for your child.

The British standard preschools follow the EYFS curriculum which focuses on child-led learning in which the activities are designed as per kid’s needs and interests. This curriculum encourages kids to learn through discovery and experimentation.

Top British preschool in Abu Dhabi A high-quality preschool in Abu Dhabi focuses on improving essential areas like communication and language, physical development, social and emotional development, literacy, mathematics, science, art and craft, and social studies.

Are you anxious that your toddler is too young for these difficult subjects? Then don’t worry!

These difficult concepts are taught in a fun-filled and playful manner that the kids don’t even realize that they are actually learning. The early year learning build the foundation of a child’s future academic life therefore it is crucial to develop these pre-academic skills in a fun and enjoyable way.

Reem Island British Preschools In Abu Dhabi

Mosaic Nursery is a British preschool in Abu Dhabi that follows a creative curriculum with the EYFS framework in which the teachers design activities as per each child’s passion and developmental level. The EYFS curriculum just defines the targets; the teachers try unique teaching approaches to attain those targets.

The teachers at British preschools are professionally trained in the EYFS framework. There is also a prescribed teacher to student ratio so your child will be given proper attention during their early years.

The playing is well-structured at the playschools in Abu Dhabi. The kids don’t just play with anything. They are introduced to the toys and other equipment to improve their reading, mathematics, problem-solving, art and design skills.

British preschool in Abu Dhabi cover

The performance of children is assessed on a regular basis so the parents can monitor the performance and plan strategies with the teacher to improve the performance of their child.

The most prominent benefit of choosing the British standard preschool is that your child will acquire pre-academic skills like literacy, mathematics, science, etc. and will have a successful academic life ahead.

British preschools encourage diversity and enroll kids from diversified backgrounds. The kids work and play in teams of children with different backgrounds. It teaches them to be more tolerant of people with a different culture, ethnicity, religion, etc.

For the parents looking for a Preschool in Abu Dhabi, we would recommend them to opt for British standard preschools as they focus on play-based learning. Kids learn really fast through play so this is the best learning approach without burdening your little munchkins.

Why Choose British Standard Preschools

You can visit Mosaic Reem Island Nursery. Their classrooms are spacious and have multiple learning stations. There are aplenty activities at each learning center that are assessed to measure the child’s performance as they develop interests and gain knowledge. The teachers together with parents strive for the best learning outcome for kids. The indoor and outdoor play areas are safe and exciting for kids to discover, play and experiment. They build a solid foundation for your child’s personal and academic success and encourage children to be confident, capable and self-assured.

British Preschool Curriculum

Abu Dhabi preschool scenario tends to be dominated by the British Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum which is an easy yet really effective way of teaching kids in a fun-filled way.

Here are some prominent reasons why you should opt for a British preschool for your little ones.

Curriculum Based Learning

● Curriculum-Based Learning:

There are several preschools that claim to follow a certain curriculum but it is really important to actually execute the curriculum in day to day learning activities.

Mosaic Nursery in Abu Dhabi focuses on ten main areas of learning that are communication, language, physical, personal, social and emotional development of kids, mathematics, creative art, social studies, science, and literacy.

There is a library with lots of informative reading material to encourage reading from an early age. There are six to seven learning centers in each classroom to make difficult concepts much easier and interesting for kids. For instance, at the Mathematic center, there are games and activities to teach skills like counting, understanding of numbers, simple calculations, shapes, and measurements.

● Regular Assessment:

The best part of British EYFS curriculum is that the assessment is the essential part of learning and development process. After each activity, the teacher assesses the performance of the child and plans the activities as per their interests. At the end of each term, a formal assessment report is shared with the parents, so they can clearly compare the performance of the child.

● Qualified Staff:

The Best nursery in Abu Dhabi hires teachers that are qualified in Early Year education. Mosaic Nursery consider their staff as the main asset therefore they give them regular in-house trainings to improve their teaching skills and keep them updated with the new teaching methodologies. The teachers at Mosaic Nursery are passionate and loyal towards their kids. They design several purposeful and engaging activities and ensure the implementation of creative curriculum.

● Child-teacher Ratio:

A high quality British preschool in Abu Dhabi ensures to follow the prescribed teacher to child ratio in each class. For two years old children, the prescribed ratio is 1:3 which means one qualified teacher can teach only three kids of two years old. For three to four years age group, a teacher can handle four kids at a time. A teacher should not handle more than eight kids of four to five years age group.

● Child-focused Learning:

The British EYFS curriculum focuses on child-led learning. Hence, the teachers at Mosaic Nursery closely observe each and every child and identify their passions then design interesting and purposeful activities accordingly. There is no prescribed method to teach as long as the kids are meeting the standard at the end of EYFS period.

The options for Kids Schools in Abu Dhabi are endless; therefore the decision to select the best one for your child can be really confusing. We would suggest our readers to visit the Mosaic Nursery at Reem Island as it is a high quality British preschool and can take care of all your apprehensions regarding your child’s learning and development.

British Preschool Curriculum

Hope this article provides guidance to the parents who are looking for the best British preschool in Abu Dhabi. Here is the list of the best nurseries in Abu Dhabi with their facility and environment structure.

Which Is The Best British Curriculum Schools In Abu Dhabi?

Early years of child development are the most essential ones that should not be taken for granted, and a good preschool builds a foundation for a child’s lifelong development. Ensuring that your child gets the best of education in these years is important.

Which Is The Best British Curriculum Schools In Abu Dhabi?

There are several preschool options that offer a variety of curriculums but the British EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum is one of the best curriculums for Playschools in Abu Dhabi. It focuses on seven areas of learning and development that are Communication, Physical, Personal, social and emotional skills, Literacy, Mathematics, World understanding, and Arts and design.

These areas cover almost all the required skills for the early year child development, and it is hence the best curriculum offered by nurseries.

Here is the list of some of the best nursery school in Abu Dhabi that offers EYFS curriculum:

1: Blooming Buds Nursery: They are rated as one of the top preschools in Abu Dhabi due to their excellent approach to the EYFS curriculum. They offer great staff along with a greatly designed curriculum.

2: Noah’s Ark Nursery: This nursery also follows the EYFS approach, and children between the age group of 1 to 4 are admitted here. They ensure a safe environment for children to learn and grow. Their branch in Khalifa City has been awarded as the safest nursery in town by the civil defense department.

3: White Fields Nursery: They follow the EYFS curriculum along with the STEM learning. They have a playful environment for children so along with one of the best curriculums they also focus on co-curricular activities as well.

4: Lady Bird Nursery: They follow the EYFS curriculum as well and cover all the 7 areas of learning. They help children grow in their areas of interest.

5: Falcon British Nursery: It is the only UK accredited school in Abu Dhabi, they follow the EYFS curriculum as well. Admissions are for children of age group 6 weeks to 5 year olds. They offer a great environment along with a great curriculum.

6: British Orchard Nursery: They are one of the UAE’s largest nursery chains; they offer the curriculum in English, Arabic and French. They have two of their branches in Abu Dhabi.

7: Mosaic Nursery: Parents looking for a high-quality preschool with affordable and flexible fee structure should visit Mosaic Nursery in Abu Dhabi. They enroll kids from 18 months to 4 years. We would highly recommend it to the working parents as they offer variety of sessions from 08:00 am to 06:00 pm, you can opt for hours that are suitable for you and your child’s routine, the fee structure alters as per the number of hours and days you select.

It is the best British preschools in Abu Dhabi that actually implements the EYFS curriculum in all the activities. The teachers are professionally trained and passionate to cater each child’s unique needs and interests.

Abu Dhabi British preschools focus on learning and development of little ones through lots of playing and fun-filled activities so you don’t need to worry about balancing the play time and learning.

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