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Best British Preschool In Abu Dhabi

Best British Preschool In Abu Dhabi

If you have a child that is about to take his first step that will prove a foundation to his academic life in future, then you must be really careful in the selection of the right kind of preschool for your child as its going to be a determining factor whether he is going to have a successful career in future or not. Abu Dhabi has the best preschool for your child in the form of Mosaic Nursery at Reem Island. Mosaic Nursery is a leading British nursery school in the United Arab Emirates, which makes it possible for you to be away from your native land yet still offer the best quality education to your preschooler by enrolling him at Mosaic Nursery Schools in Abu Dhabi, so if he returns back he can easily fit in with the environment there. They at Mosaic nursery will take care of all your apprehensions regarding your child’s education.

Mentioned below are the factors which make Mosaic nursery the best preschool for your children:

  • Ranking of Mosaic Preschool

Keeping into view various parameters for example, staff, facilities, campus, fee structure, curriculum, etc. The mosaic nursery occupies a leading spot on the list of good preschools in Abu Dhabi.

  • Up to Mark Classrooms and facilities

The preschool has perfectly designed classrooms with the right kind of ambiance, furniture, and play area within the classroom to enhance your child’s learning and skills. In addition to that a perfect Play School in Abu Dhabi area both indoors and outdoors, gym and library add to the perfection of the schools facilities.

  • Great Manners and etiquettes

Children are engaged in special activities that teach them essential manners without them even knowing for example the use of magic words like please, thank you and sorry is emphasized upon. They practice these with their class fellows and teachers which consolidate these gentle gestures in them, and they end up extending the use of such nice words at home and at public places or gatherings as well. These etiquettes become their second nature for life. Sharing is a trait very unique in children this age, the school staff ensures creating selflessness and thus the ability to share in these young ones.

  • Experienced Administration and Teaching Staff

The preschool and fs1 Schools in Abu Dhabi administration and teaching staff are very helpful, knowledgeable and cooperative. The teachers have a friendly and a very professional attitude with the preschoolers alongside. This perfect combination augments the learning abilities in children. Teachers make the preschoolers open up before their class fellows and teachers increasing their communication skills thereby in the long run interacting in a healthy way with everyone.

  • Versatile Fee Structure

Another good feature of Mosaic Nursery is that the fee structure of this preschool is grouped into three packages depending on the number of days, starting from 8500 AED and up to 10500 AED. You can opt for the package that suits your financial status. The fee is totally worth the educational experience your child will have as he gets enrolled in Mosaic nursery.

Mosaic Nursery in Abu Dhabi is an institution that focuses on your child’s mental and physical development and yet charges a minimal fee for its services so that more parents can take advantage and watch their kids grow into attractive personalitites.

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