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Best Things To Do With Abu Dhabi Kids: January Go List

Best Things to Do with Abu Dhabi Kids: January Go List

If you have kids at home then you must know how daunting and chaotic it is to keep them entertained and involved. Rather than running behind them and wasting your energy, you can plan some productive yet fun-filled things for your kids to enjoy at home.

You don’t need to spend an enormous amount of money to entertain your child; we have some crazy fun ideas that are performed at playschools in Abu Dhabi to keep the kids busy throughout the day.

Best Things to Do with Abu Dhabi Kids

The toddlers learn more through playing so well-structured playful activities are the best way to stimulate the confidence of your little ones. A high-quality preschool in Abu Dhabi encourages kids to play as it develops their natural skills and makes them creative.

1. Dough Art:

While kneading the dough, give kids some dough to play. Make sure they wear an apron before this activity otherwise they can get a little messy. Ask them to make different things with the dough. Initially, you can stimulate the child by saying make a “ball” with the dough. Later ask the child to use their creative skills and make other animals, cartoon characters, etc.

You can also paint it and then bake it. The child will be super excited to show the dough art to their father at the end of the day.

2. Marble painting:

The play schools in Abu Dhabi plan activities that are enjoyable for kids at the same time they learn something out of it. To teach different colors to your toddler, you can do this marble painting in your backyard. This activity not just teaches them different colors, but also improves their creative skills.

Take small containers and add different paint colors in it. Now throw marbles in it. Take a chart sheet, ask the child to hold a spoon and take out the marble and throw it on the sheet. Roll the sheet to make colorful impressions.

3. Gardening activities:

If you can’t wait to go outside, then gardening activities at home is a nice idea to keep your kids get closer to nature. Even if you don’t have a backyard, it’s perfectly fine.

To keep gardening interesting for toddlers, take an empty old playdough jar, and fill it will sand. Sow the seeds and wait for it to grow. You can also involve science in this activity by telling them that plants require water and sunlight to grow.

You can also grow plants in the eggshells. Draw the face on the eggshell with a marker to make it a little interesting.

You can also take old tin cans and paint it with different colors, grow different herbs in it which you can later use in your cooking.

4. Mathematics garden activities:

Mosaic Reem Island Nursery has aplenty fun-filled activities to make Mathematics a little more interesting for kids as it is crucial to have a strong foundation of this subject to have a successful academic future.

You can take your child to the nearby garden and ask her to count the red flowers and note it down in your diary, then ask her to count the leaves, measure the stem of the plant with an inch tape.

5. Obstacle course:

Look for a good British preschool in Abu Dhabi that offers a childproof gym facility and an outdoor play area to encourage physical fitness.

You can create an obstacle course in your dining area or lounge to keep your kids physically active. This activity improves their hand-eye coordination, improves their balancing, holding and grasping skills. Make obstacles so that the kids have to crawl, jump, lift, and slide.

Hope, this article helps all the mothers who are looking for the best things to do with Abu Dhabi kids.

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