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The Best Nurseries In Abu Dhabi

The Best Nurseries in Abu Dhabi

Finding the best kindergarten in Abu Dhabi is a fearing and an apprehensive task for most of the parents as Abu Dhabi offers dizzying choices of nursery schools with such a short deadline to apply and never ending waiting lists so you have to be really proactive.

Here are the guidelines you can follow to find the best nursery for your tot in Abu Dhabi.

1. Be Proactive: Be Proactive

Start your school hunting process at least a year before the admission of your baby so you will have plenty of time to research about the prospective schools. If the school offers early enrollment, then you should definitely enroll your child beforehand, otherwise visit the school on a regular basis to observe the environment and admission policies. If you are late, don’t freak out! The most excellent nurseries in Abu Dhabi usually have waiting lists so your child may get admission if there is an opening in the same batch.

2. Ask for Recommendations:

Ask your colleagues, friends and relatives about the best nurseries, shortlist them on the basis of recommendations and reviews then visit the nurseries for the real time idea. Attend fairs and open house programs in which prospective parents are allowed to visit.

3. Ask Relevant Questions

Visit the nursery schools to find more about the curriculum, learning methods, teacher’s behavior and admission policies. Ask as many relevant questions as possible to ensure your child is in safe hands, don’t hesitate as the best nurseries understand your concern regarding your little one.

3. Know Your Priorities

If you both are working parents and don’t have anyone to look after your child, then look for nurseries that proffer flexible school hours and after school day care. The fee structure alters as per the program you select.

5. Trust Your Instinct

The nurseries that are awarded as the best nurseries of the town may not work best for you and your child so there is no perfect definition of the best one. The best nursery for your kid is the one that suits your working hours, nearby your residence or workplace, affordable, provide clean and healthy environment, teaches your child with love and care, let them explore and experiment, make them strong socially and emotionally. If you find all these factors when you visit the nursery, then you should definitely opt for it rather than just run after the most overhyped nurseries.

Best Nurseries In Abu Dhabi – Reviews

Parents of Abu Dhabi are fortunate enough as there are a wide range of preschool options for their toddlers.

Best Nurseries In Abu Dhabi – Reviews

Here is the list of some of the best nurseries in Abu Dhabi;

Step by Step Nursery:

They have an experience of almost 30 years in the early childhood education. They have three branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They provide safe, secure and home-like environment for your kids where they can freely explore and grow.

They follow the British Early Year foundation Stage (EYFS) framework with some features of the Reggio Emilia Approach of learning.

◉ Blooming Buds Nursery:

They provide childcare from 12 months to four years old and follow the EYFS curriculum. They have a lot of age appropriate learning activities to keep the kids involved in purposeful play.

◉ Baby Bird:

This preschool is relatively new in the field of early childhood learning with an experience of almost six years. This is located at Al Bateen in Abu Dhabi and follows the creative curriculum. The teacher identifies the interests of kids and then plans the learning by incorporating child’s interest.

◉ British Orchard Nursery:

British Orchard is a well established nursery of the Middle East with almost 21 branches in UAE and UK. The Abu Dhabi campuses are located at Al Bateen, and Al Nahyan. They also follow British EYFS curriculum. They offer a variety of extra-curricular activities to keep the kids physically active throughout the day. Some of them include ballet, karate and soccer game.

◉ The Laurel Nursery:

They cater to kids from six months up to four years at the early childhood education program and day care center. They follow the US curriculum. The day care activities include art and craft, music, theater, sports, reading and a lot of indoor fun activities.

◉ Humpty Dumpty Nurseries:

‘Humpty Dumpty Nursery’ was founded in 1991. They follow the British curriculum. It is located at Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi. They enroll kids from 12 months to 4 years. They also have a day care facility. The classrooms are spacious and equipped with interactive board to support the EYFS curriculum.

◉ Odyssey Nursery:

Odyssey Nursery is one of the best nurseries in Abu Dhabi. It is located at Al Riga’a street. It offers curriculum in Arabic, English and French. They follow the US curriculum with Reggio Emilia Approach for learning.

◉ Mosaic Nursery:

Mosaic Nursery has two branches. One is in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai while the other one is at Reem Island, Abu Dhabi. Mosaic is the best preschool in Abu Dhabi that provides high-quality educational programs for your little ones and that too in really affordable fees. They have a really friendly and secure school environment where the kids feel comfortable. The teachers are so cooperative with the kids and maintain a positive relationship with the parents. They focus on developing social and academic skills of the kids.

Mosaic Nursery Fun TimeThe classrooms of Mosaic Nursery are super spacious and equipped with high quality and age appropriate learning material. There are learning centers in each classroom where a group of four to five kids performs fun-filled learning activity. They ensure all the equipments and toys are safe for babies.

They have hired a full time nurse to provide first-aid during an unwanted situation.

They also follow the creative curriculum, but what makes it the Best Nursery in Abu Dhabi is that it actually implements child-led learning, there is no predefined curriculum; the teacher identifies the child’s interest and passion and designs the learning activities accordingly.

Now you have a list of the best nurseries in Abu Dhabi, you can visit and shortlist the best one for your toddler.

How Do I Choose The Best Nurseries In Abu Dhabi For My Children?

As your child grows up and reaches infantry, he needs a proper routine along with proper schooling in order to learn and explore the world. When choosing a nursery in Abu Dhabi the biggest concern for parents is whether the school has proper facilities? Is it safe? Is my child going to get a productive and friendly environment? All these thoughts and worries pop up in a parent’s mind while choosing a preschool for their child.

How Do I Choose The Best Nurseries In Abu Dhabi For My Children

Listed below are some factors which the parents need to consider before making their choice of a nursery.

◉ A Safe Environment:

The best nurseries in Abu Dhabi ensure that they provide safe and healthy environment to the kids. A child’s safety should be the first concern for parents while selecting a preschool, because the toddler age is the most fragile age of them all and making sure that your child is safe and is being treated properly should be checked.

◉ Outdoor Activities:

Having a proper infrastructure and an outdoor space is also very important in a preschool as kids need physical activities which play a vital role in their growth.

◉ Curriculum:

 Having a specifically designed curriculum for the kids which has all the elements of learning and exploring is also very important. Mosaic Reem Island nursery follows the creative curriculum and focuses on main areas of learning which include creative art, science, literacy, language and communication, social and emotional development, physical development, math, and social studies.

◉ Friendly Staff:

There are several preschools but the best nursery in Abu Dhabi is one that considers their staff as their assets and invest in their learning and growth.

A child needs proper affection and care so it is very important for the teachers to be friendly, who understands a child’s psychology and treats him with proper care.

◉ Sensory Motor Skills Development:

A parent needs to make sure that the preschool they are admitting their toddler to offers a curriculum that involves activities which helps in developing sensory motor skills, as in this growing age a child picks up concepts really quickly so ensuring that he gets proper access to such activities is essential.

◉ Fee Structure:

A preschool that offers great curriculum and an amazing infrastructure might have an unaffordable fee structure so the parents need to refer to the fee structure beforehand.

For working parents who are looking for affordable fee structure and flexible schedule can visit Mosaic Nursery.

◉ Cooperative Staff:

 Parent teacher coordination is also very important as a child spends most of his time at home so making sure that he gets same kind of attention over there as well is also important, for that the parents need proper coordination with the teachers so that they can guide them on how to deal with their child.

◉ Affiliation:

Before admitting your child you need to make sure that the nursery you are opting for is affiliated with a proper registered school or institute, it will help your child in the future prospect of his studies.

Hope, this article helps all new parents who are hunting for nurseries in Abu Dhabi. Hope you get the best nursery for your child.

What Are The Benefits Of Best Nurseries In Abu Dhabi?

Benefits Of Best Nurseries In Abu Dhabi

The enrollment of toddlers and infants in nursery schools has increased in recent years. There are several reasons to send the children to nurseries though the harsh economic condition being the most common reason to send the kids to a preschool as both the partners work hard to make ends meet. Therefore, parents look for options where they can send their kids during their work hours as usually there is no one to look after the child in their absence.

The best nurseries in Abu Dhabi have well-designed preschool programs that provide several benefits for the kids and prepare them for academic, social and emotional success. Here are some of the benefits that best nurseries should provide;

Development of Social and Communication skills: At such a tender age, these terms may seem too formal, but a high-quality preschools in Abu Dhabi provide opportunities for kids to become confident and attain good interpersonal skills as these skills are really important in such a competitive world.

There are several team tasks and well-structured group activities in a preschool that improves communication and social skills of kids.

British Curriculum schools in Abu Dhabi

Development of Motor skills: A child is on the toe almost throughout the day; therefore, the best nurseries should plan activities that encourage physical well-being of kids. The outdoor play area allows the kids to run, climb, and encourage physically active games.

At a British preschools in Abu Dhabi, the kids develop fine motor skills through variety of playful activities like threading bead, play dough activities, cutting activities with baby scissors. The teachers design activities that improve the hand-eye coordination and balance of little ones.

Develop pre-math skills: Even if you are stay-at-home mother, teaching math to kids is no joke. It is crucial to build a strong foundation of math for the future academic demands.

Mosaic Nursery is one of the best Kid’s Schools in Abu Dhabi that has set up several learning stations with a variety of games, toys and other equipment to make math more interesting and meaningful for kids.

There are a lot of games and activities to teach basic concepts of number, sequence, pattern, and categories. The kids enjoy purposeful playing like sorting, counting, puzzles, board games to improve their pre-math skills.

What are the benefits of best nurseries in Abu Dhabi?

Provide Structured Learning Environment: The best nurseries in Abu Dhabi follow curriculum based learning. It may seem that the kids just play at a nursery although the fact is the classrooms are organized in such a way that it encourages communication and reduces conflicts. The indoor and outdoor play areas are designed with purposeful games and equipment to keep the kids entertained throughout the day.

Prepare kids for kindergarten: Select a good nursery for your child as it builds a foundation for future learning. A high-quality nursery prepares kids for smooth transition to kindergarten. The kids acquire basic math and literacy skills in a playful manner without any burden of learning.

What Are The Best Nursery Schools For Kids In Abu Dhabi?

If you are looking for a high-quality nursery with affordable fees then you must visit Mosaic Nursery in Reem Island. They follow the British Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. The staff is well-trained in early childhood learning and understands different ways that toddlers and infants develop and learn.

Our Recommendation

If you live nearby Reem Island, Abu Dhabi then you should blindly trust Mosaic Nursery for your tot. Mosaic nursery in Abu Dhabi i magically fulfills all the above parameters and you will feel relaxed while sending your kid to the nursery that is safe and comfortable. They are expert in child care and development. The explicitly trained staff is humble and cooperative. They follow EYFS framework that does not have any predesigned curriculum, the facilitators design activities as per your kid’s natural interest through imaginative and creative activities. The best part is that they proffer flexible timings so you can opt for whatever suits you and your child.

How Does Preschool Contribute To A Child’s Education?

Early years of child development play a crucial role in a child’s upbringing; those years are the foundation of a child’s whole educational career and if utilized to their fullest can help your child excel in his future. Kids Schools in Abu Dhabi are very helpful in ensuring that your child gets the best possible upbringing, attention and education in these early years, not only preschools provide your child with the best of the learning environments but it also provides him with the fragile care he needs.

How Does Preschool Contribute To A Child's Education?

The experts designed curriculum at the best nurseries in Abu Dhabi ensures that the child is learning what he needs to according to his age. Spending time among the children of his own age encourages your child to be a team worker in the future and helps him to understand people and excel his communication skills from the very beginning.

Best Nurseries in Abu Dhabi

A Preschool in Abu Dhabi must be chosen with keeping all the above-mentioned qualities in mind, along with a safe and a friendly environment it is also very important to ensure that the preschool focuses on the outdoor and physical activities just as much. A child’s physical growth and capabilities are as important as his mental growth and capabilities. Investing on a good nursery for your child’s early learning can be very beneficial in the future; the stronger the base the stronger will be their future upbringing. Nurseries are a great option as they provide every facility to access your child’s learning.

Some of the best nurseries that you can find in Abu Dhabi are listed below,

◈ Odyssey Nursery:

They incorporate Reggio Emilia approach in their curriculum; they have an excellent infrastructure and offer a trilingual program along with flexible hours of admission.

◈ Mosaic Nursery:

They focus on creative learning by including ten areas of learning into their curriculum that are; social-emotional, language, physical, cognitive, literacy, mathematics, science and technology, social studies, arts and English language acquisition developments.

◈ ABC Nursery:

They have a stimulating and attractive indoor and outdoor infrastructure. They also follow the EYFS curriculum, they admit children aged from 2 months to 4 years old.

◈ Oxford Nursery:

Following the UK based EYFS curriculum they have sensory play embedded into their syllabus as well which enables students to learn more effectively, they admit children from the age of 3 months to 4 years.

◈ Falcon British Nursery:

They follow the EYFS (Early Year Foundation Stage) approach for their curriculum, along with great infrastructure they have an affordable fee structure as well to provide your child with the best of education.

◈ The Windsor Early Years Nursery:

They are a UK- based Montessori, and provide high quality education along with a list of outdoor activities as well.

◈ Jigsaw Nursery:

They follow the UK’s early years foundation stage curriculum, they have flexible hours, and they have no registration fee policy, they offer a great educational structure at affordable fees.

British preschool in Abu Dhabi is best for early childhood learning, parents should visit Mosaic Nursery as it offers high-quality education in a really affordable fee structure.

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