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A True Story About A Child With Special Needs

A True Story About A Child with Special Needs

Mosaic Reem Island Nursery caters kids with all different levels of understanding and learning capabilities. Following the British preschool curriculum, it is ensured that every child gets the level of required attention, and then the course is outlined accordingly varying from child to child.

If your child has special needs then you must read the below article;

A few months back there was a child walked in, after getting admitted the teachers soon realized that the child had difficulty following basic instructions, grasping words and especially in writing them, he had problems in reading out loud and distinguishing similar letters and had issues in communicating, and socializing with other classmates. The child took more time than normal students to complete a task.

How a teacher handled the child with special needs:

  1. Identification of Problem:

The teachers soon realized that the child suffers from dyslexia; dyslexia is a condition which is often genetic in which a person has trouble learning and has social problems like communication, etc. His slow learning and lacking in speech showed clear signs of the condition. The teachers then called in the parents and informed them about the child’s condition.

  1. Redesigning the curriculum:

Usually, parents get confused and don’t easily accept the problem. But the teacher took a step forward to handle the situation and discussed a special curriculum that she designed especially for their child to ensure maximum progress.

Alongside proper medical treatment, the child’s curriculum was redesigned considering his special needs.

  1. Multi-sensory learning:

The teachers focused on techniques such as multi-sensory learning methods which included activities like writing words and alphabets on tactile material like sand and making them out of different objects like beads or Lego. Different games for getting his interest were also included like a scavengers hunt for words and letters.  Other changes included physical activities too, like the one in which a child jumps rope and spells out the words. The child was provided more time than other students to complete a task.

  1. Outcome:

With a little more teachers’ assistants and parents’ cooperation, the child was able to make progress and was able to cope up with the rest of his classmates.  Like this child, many other children with special needs are treated properly and their weaknesses are overcome at Mosaic Nursery which is one of the best.

Early years of development are very important and these are the years when it is very crucial to identify a child’s mental and physical capabilities, like this particular case there are many other children whose problems are not rectified at early ages and they have to suffer their wholes lives trying to cope up with it without any proper support this not only makes them lose confidence, but makes them feel like they are not worth competing with others leading them to be a patient of depression, anxiety, and social pressure, so to make sure that each child gets what he needs which is different in almost every child’s case it is important to have a good support from the preschool where a teacher-designed a curriculum specifically for a particular type of students. Implementing the British curriculum from the foundation stages also plays a great deal in determining and overcoming such conditions in students.

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