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5 Ways To Give Your Child Extra Brain Power

5 Ways to Give Your Child Extra Brain Power

Parents want their children to achieve all the goals easily in this competitive world, hence they look for ways to give their child extra brain power. Improving the brain power is all about developing habits of your child, earlier the better in this case.

A good role model can help your child acquire positive qualities and live a purposeful life. Many children are inspired and try to imitate the behavior of their parents, teachers, caregivers, relatives, etc. therefore it is pertinent to provide a good environment so that your children select a good role model for them.

Here are the top five ways to give your child extra brainpower;

1. Play memory games:

You need to constantly work on improving the memory skills of your child. The more the child uses their memory, the more their memory muscles grow. Mosaic nursery is a British preschool that follows the unconventional teaching style. The kids play a lot of memory games like reciting backward counting and alphabets, playing board games, solving puzzles, etc. These kind of games not only improves there linguistics and number knowledge but also push there brain’s capability to process new notions and ideas.

Recall games like showing the series of pictures to kids for a few minutes and then cover it and ask the kid to recall as many items as they can. Parents can also play memory games at home by showing them pictures of family members and asking the kids by pointing who is this? This improves the memory of the kids and the child recognizes the person even if he hadn’t met him for a long time.

2. Active reading:

Reading is really good for kids as it improves their intellectual level. Parents are the first role models of their child therefore replace your mobile phones and laptops with books in your hands so that your child copies good traits from you.  Read actively with your child. Ask questions about the story, talk about the characters, give situations to your child and ask what would he/she react or do if they were in the story. This improves their cognitive skills.

3. Discuss favorite memories:

Discuss the favorite events with your child to provide extra brain power. Show them pictures and talk about the memories associated with the event. As they get a little older, they can easily recollect the memory and become capable of telling the story unambiguously.

4. Brain challenge:

The kids at the Mosaic, Reem Island Nursery play brain power challenging games in which they challenge the weaker side of their brain to improve their hand-eye coordination. For instance, the right-handed toddlers have to throw the ball with their left hand. The left-handed kids have to comb their hair with the right hands. This way the kids put the extra power to the weak side of their brain and force it to compensate in order to perform the task.

5. Physical fitness:

kids schools in abu dhabi emphasize incorporating more physical activities as it helps in brain development of young ones and it improves their academic performance. A teacher act as a positive role model for kids and encourage them to exercise daily as it boosts their memory and learning capabilities and improves the attention span of preschoolers and helps them complete the task without getting easily distracted. Outdoor activities, yoga, swimming, dancing, etc. have a positive effect on the brain function of children.

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