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10 Strategies To Motivate Your Child To Learn

10 Strategies to Motivate Your Child to Learn

Learning is an ongoing process, a course that starts from the day you are born and ends when you die. A mother’s lap is said to be a child’s first learning institution, but when it comes to polishing skills and inculcating new knowledge, kids schools in Abu Dhabi like Mosaic Nursery Reem Island play an important role.

  • Ways to motivate your child

With toddlers and preschoolers filled with energy, it is hard to make them sit in one place and teach them something new. Even though they may not like to be confined within a small space, there other ways that can encourage these naughty little begins to learn and gain knowledge.

Here a few popular strategies that are mostly adopted by preschool learning center like Mosaic nursery and are likely to work for parents who want vacations to be productive for their kids:

  1. Celebrate accomplishments

Children are innocent who are easy to please. One of the best ways to motivate your child to learn is to celebrate their accomplishments. No matter if they have learned to speak a new word or drawn a butterfly, reward them with something of their liking which will encourage them to do even better next time.

  1. Introduce multiple learning styles

Kids these days easily get bored with a monotonous routine or learning style which can be a big turn off for them. This is why, introduce multiple styles like use music, images or go for listening activity, things that you know your children will enjoy and help them learn.

  1. Lead by practicing

Most children learn from what they see. So, as parents develop a habit of learning and your children will surely love doing it!

Reading not only helps in building vocabulary but also aids in gaining new knowledge which leads to a better and brighter future.

  1. Communicate!

Open discussions with your kids will ensure them you are every bit involved in their learning process which will of course encourage them to do better. Use the right words and make everything fun. Tell them the advantages and disadvantages of things that they do and the impact that it would have on their future. Be open and communicate which motivates children to evolve into better personalities.

  1. Encourage healthy competition

Like mosaic nursery, most preschools in Abu Dhabi conducts spelling or art events to encourage healthy competition. This not only inspires them to win but make them crave for learning new things as well.

  1. Share Enthusiasm

When children see their parents or teachers are excited to discover and learn new stuff, it excites them too! Share your learning enthusiasm with the kids and show them how learning can be fun and enjoyable.

  1. Staying Organized

Teaching your children to stay organized is crucial. When they’ll develop a habit of putting things in places where they belong, they’ll feel more in control and will be motivated to work on their own.

Disorganization can easily distract the kids and hence, hinder the learning process.

  1. Make a schedule

Assign time for each activity and the kids will do better at school. When they have a set time for sleeping, eating, playing and completing homework, there will be no distractions and will be inspirited to improve themselves every day.

  1. Be patient but firm

Teaching kids is not easy and requires great patience and reverence. If they ask questions again and again, make mistakes, don’t lose your patience and teach them all over again but in a firm tone. Losing your temper or shouting while teaching them can scare the kids and they may end up running away from their studies altogether.

  1. Set goals

Set small and achievable goals for them. Like completion of homework within an hour or learning a new chapter every day. Smaller goals are easier to achieve and encourage kids to move towards the bigger objectives and grab them without looking back.

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