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Quick & Simple Ways To Diminish Your Child’s Time On TV / Smart Phones

Quick & Simple Ways To Diminish Your Child’s Time On TV / Smart Phones

Mobiles and TV are wonders of Technology. Each of them in their own rights has revolutionized communication and entertainment. These are inventions that can not only captivate, but also bedazzle in a profound manner. The prolific circuitry, enhanced screen ratio and impressive sound quality evinced by these appliances manage to blow away even the most cynical of technophobic individual. So, it’s a safe bet that these amazing appliances will continue to enthrall and spellbind coming generations as well.

This is surely the case with the generation of present.  The children of this generation are totally captivated by the diverse and huge selection of entertainment that these two entertainment gadgets offer. Granted these gadgets are wondrous and fantastic but for children, the ramifications that they originate are detrimental to say the least. For instance, excessive TV usage by children often manifests in a number of predicaments. It usually leads to poor vision, a decline in physical activity, affects posture of the children, causes headache and often causes obesity as well since physical activity mitigates in frequency as well. Usage of smart phone on an exorbitantly accentuated basis can result in social network addiction, addiction to watching videos and Movies on YouTube, physiological impairment and can also lead to poor vision development. Suffice to say, these technological marvels, while salubrious in moderate quantities, are quite harmful if used on an increased level.

The effect that TV and Smart Phones have on your children is nothing short of undesirable. Therefore, there is indeed a profound need to find means for diminishing your child’s interest and dependence on said appliances. The following methods can be quite effective in accomplishing just that:

  1. Make them Switch to Books:

A good Book can really set free one’s imagination and take him or her on a trip that is unbridled and unencumbered by the rules of reality. Such sublime is the experience that if once hooked onto a book, the reader can help but stay persistently and constantly glued to the pages till the book is completed. Also, this is a habit that bolsters one’s creative side and dissuades dependence on technology. So, try to get your children interested in Books. Take them to the library or the local book store to get them acquainted with the books that match their proclivities.

  1. Switch to Outdoor Games:

Games like baseball, cricket, soccer, hockey and cycling are just some of the many options available in the class of outdoor games. By switching interest to these sectors, a child can not only leave behind dependence upon technology, but also learn sportsmanship and enhance their physical faculties to apt levels as well.

  1. Switch to Indoor Games 

UNO, Monopoly, Carom Board, Ludo, Chess and Cards are just some entries in the menu of indoor games. Not only are these games fun, but they also serve to elevate the mental level of children. Chess especially is a most workable option towards this regard. So, instead of Smartphone and TV, convince your children to switch to indoor games instead.

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