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Pros And Cons Of Preschool | Mosaic Guide

Pros and Cons of Preschool | Mosaic Guide

A preschool is an appealing place for many families. It is an early childhood educational institute for kids of age 3-5 year-olds, mostly. Many preschools in Dubai offer a part-time calendar such as a few hours a day, few times every week as well as full-day care programs. Here is everything you need to get familiar with before you choose a nursery for your child.

Why Preschool Matters?

There is no doubt that a good preschool plays a positive role in the life of a toddler. Preschool environment and staff can either make or break the personality of a person. As kids are exposed to a completely different environment from home, they learn how to socialize and make some amazing memories at the right place. They learn healthy personality attributes such as sharing, getting along with others.

After getting experience from a good preschool in Dubai, children enter kindergarten with better a confident personality, enhanced pre-reading skills, richer vocabularies, and stronger basic math skills than those who don’t attend a preschool.

Remember, every child perceives concepts and changes differently therefore, each one of them adjusts to preschool environment differently learns at their own pace. So, choose the preschool carefully. What suits one might not fit the other one. Take your child for a tour before the admission and see how they react to the school environment and the staff. The right place helps children learn faster. So, make an informed decision for the bright future of your child.

Why Should Parents Send Their Child To Preschool?

In the expert’s opinion, every child should be given the opportunity of group experience before he starts kindergarten. The main purpose of a preschool is to teach kids how to be students, making them familiar with the educational environment of a school. This will help your kid adjust to higher educational levels easily. It offers a chance to parents and kids to learn to stay separate for some time, making it an easy transition towards kindergarten.

If you want your kid to develop good social and behavior-management skills from an early age, invest in one of the best preschools in Dubai like Mosaic Nursery. Along with social skills, your kid will learn to respect others and have a problem-solving mindset. With the right training, you’ll start seeing a positive result in your child in a few weeks after enrolment.

How Many Days A Week Should A 2 Year Old Go To Preschool?

Once you’ve decided that it’s time to enroll your child in a Nursery in Dubai, it’s high time to have a look at the schedule and timing. Although some financial constraints should be considered, however, it is important to focus on some child-based considerations as well. There are multiple factors that decide whether your child needs a 2-, 3- or 5-day program per week. A 2-day program might be a good start for younger children. However, this might make separation adjustment more difficult for some kids. That’s when a 5-day program seems more suitable. It helps children to adjust to the school much faster than a child in a 2-day program.

Its best to talk to the school administration and discuss all available schedules. Also, take suggestions of the professionals about their preference according to the age and temperament of your child.

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