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Preschool Teaching Tips: How To Teach The “Hello” Song

Preschool Teaching Tips: How To Teach The “Hello” Song

“Hello, hello, hello, How are you?

  • I am good!
  • I am great!
  • I am wonderful!

The song continues with different phrases and catchy music, making it a fun activity to be conducted in class.

It is a known fact that children tend to learn more from watching cartoons and listening to music. No wonder your child learnt shapes and colors through nursery rhymes!

This is why, Mosaic Nursery in Dubai has incorporated the newest techniques of teaching which include teaching through music, promising increased learning in children.

  • Why is “Hello” Song good?

Hello, song is a simple nursery rhyme that teaches children everyday phrases and emotions the “fun” way. Rather than repeating super simple greeting like hello and how are you to kids every day until they memorize, these songs helps children in learning everyday greeting much quicker.

  • How to teach The “Hello” Song

One easy method is to sing the song every day!

Nursery schools in Dubai including Mosaic Nursery has made this song their classroom anthem, hence every student knows it by heart.

Once the kids are comfortable with the song, next you can add more emotions in it. like, ask the children to express the anger emotions or happy emotion as an addition to the song, teaching them something new every day.

Next, the song can be used for emotions charades. Ask every student to come and stand in front of the class, acting out an emotion from the song itself or using the song to express an emotion of their choice. A fun activity to indulge kids into learning various emotions for sure!

And yes, the hello song makes a great melody for the square game where the children are asked to stand facing each other. One kid starts the song while the other one completes it and between the intervals, you can ask them to move a leg.

If played repetitively, this song can become boring and a huge turn off! Rather than learning something new from it, the kids will try to ignore it altogether.

So rather than singing the same lines over and over again in a chorus, design activities around this song. Pair it up with other nursery rhymes like if you’re happy and you know it etc, so that kids enjoy the new twist.

  • Conclusion

The song may be simple and easy, but “hello” can teach children a lot without getting them bored. Sometimes for a teacher, it can become difficult to teach children something new because of it being boring or difficult to remember. But because children are known to learn more through music, as it activates their brain cells, the hello song is an ideal melody to include in the school curriculum in order to make learning fun and easier.

When the class is about to start, start the lecture with the “hello” song and get the children into the spirit of learning! This is what teachers at Mosaic Nursery practice every day!

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