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Preschool Physical Education And Fitness Lesson Plans – Mosaic Guide

Preschool Physical Education and Fitness Lesson Plans – Mosaic Guide

A healthy child is a happy child. Your kid may be mentally strong enough to solve the most difficult of mathematical equations, but is he/she physically fit? Do they eat healthy? Are they able to run a few kilometers with losing their breath? Are your children active?

There was a time when both parents and teachers paid least importance to physical education. For them, if a child was doing well in class, he/she was sure to be fit both mentally and physically. But today, thanks to the awareness programs and access to information, schools and parents are working together to plan out activities that ensure children stay physically active?


This is because when your kids are active and energized, they’ll grow stronger immunity, giving them the ability to fight back diseases and lead a healthy life.

  • Importance of Physical Education

Most preschools in Dubai have now revised their curriculum, making physical education and fitness lesson plans an important part of it. But what is physical education? Any activity that involves movement of muscles gets the heart pumping and requires more energy to carry out the task is all included in physical education. Best nurseries in Dubai like Mosaic Nursery has now included fitness lesson plans and education into their daily curriculum, aiming at achieving better outcomes.

Because most teachers find it difficult to design a curriculum around these, here are a few ideas that can make physical education and fitness lessons fun for children:

  1. Reading the right books

This does sound weird! But there are many age-appropriate books for preschoolers that teach them about physical fitness the easy way. Books like “The Busy Body Book: A Kid’s Guide to Fitness” by Lizzy Rockwell and “Being Active” by Mari C. Schuh are few of the many guides that have been written for kids, teaching them to make healthier food choices and stay fit.

  1. Moving a Leg

Kids tend to get bored pretty quickly; hence making them exercise or move around can be quite a task. For teachers who wish to introduce new exercises to their students, put on some music and motivate them to move a leg. Once they catch the beat, the kids will simply love working out!

  1. The Art Talk

Give them colors and let their imagination go wild! As much as kids love expressing themselves through drawings and colors, teaching them about nutritious food items can becomes easier. Ask them to draw what they like to eat or do as an activity and then guide them towards food that is healthy and activities that will keep them fit. A fun way to adopt a life style that is hearty and fresh!

Mosaic Nursery is one nursery in Dubai that is working hard to teach children the importance of being physically active and adopting the right eating habits. This preschool is working hard to make a difference, and soon it will surely achieve its goal of producing a generation of strong minded individuals who are physically fit too!

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