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Preschool, Baby & Toddler Activities Calendar: Storytimes, Open Gyms, Play Area Schedules, Classes & More 2021

Preschool, Baby & Toddler Activities Calendar: Storytimes, Open Gyms, Play Area Schedules, Classes & More 2021

Preschools are not all about studies. In fact, the more fun you have at your preschool in Dubai, the higher the chances of you learning quickly. When teachers use activities that make learning engaging and fun, students are more willing to participate and take risks. This exactly how we get our kids to remember information.

Are you looking for some exciting indoor activities for babies, toddlers, or preschoolers? Mosaic Nursery, one of the finest nurseries in Dubai, is proud to introduce some amazing activities for its students that will bring lots of fun and learning to the classroom. We’ve lots of great ideas for the year 2021. All your child need is a little imagination and they can explore an exciting new world full of joy. Here is what you can expect in this year.


Children learn a number of important life skills by participating in story time. It not only improves their vocabulary but also help them to better express themselves. This eventually enhance their emotional intelligence.

Storytime is filled with state-of-the-art toys, teaching resources, and fun story books. Our highly-qualified team of childcare practitioners have a very engaging way of getting children’s attention.

Play and Learn activities:

There is a wide variety of activities that offers an opportunity for play, learning, creative expression. Most importantly, such fun activities are great way to spend some quality time at school. The materials are a combination of UNICEF resources and most of these activities are performed in only the best nurseries in Dubai.

New digital platform and learning through co-creation and innovation are a great part of this program. Activities such as Flash-cards, geometric shapes games and other interactive games develop skills like perseverance, endurance and better focus.

Baby, toddler, and preschool open gyms:

Mosaic Nursery in JLT promotes physical activity for the little ones so that they stay active and healthy. Toddlers are encouraged to play with our staff in the preschool open gym. Jumping, climbing, rolling, and laughing in our safe environment is a dream come true for every kids. It is an outstanding social activity for toddlers. This open gym is also a great way to relief stress and anxiety among kids. So, get your child moving today at the Mosaic Nursery open gym! We assure you that your child will not regret a second.

Classes for toddlers and preschoolers

Mosaic Nursery is a highly reputable nursery in Dubai that is recognized for its specially designed curriculum and well managed classes. We have adopted The Creative Curriculum that is based on the core principles of learning and development. The activities performed in daily classes are interesting and require patience, attention and engagement.

Mosaic Nursery is one of the top nurseries in Dubai. We help our students reach their maximum potential with our smart and strategic teaching techniques. There is always something magical happening at the school. So why don’t you come and see it for yourself.  Book your tour and come and explore our beautiful setting!

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