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Playworker Role In Outdoor Play & Learning

Playworker Role in Outdoor Play & Learning

As much as parents avoid sending their kids outside to play, what they fail to understand is that it is an important part of their learning.

What if your kids love making sandcastles? What if they love jumping in the sand? Are you afraid they’ll get dirty or sick? Do not let fear stop you from restriction your children’s growth and development.

Let them explore the world and let them out but makes sure someone is always there to supervise them.

Learning through Playing

As a new approach to learning, one different from the older one, most Dubai playschools now lay great emphasis on outdoor play. Even the best preschools in Dubai make sure to let the kids outside in the playground and allow them to explore their surroundings.

Even Mosaic nursery, one of the highest-rated Dubai preschools has also successfully implemented this approach of learning. They have set up playgrounds that are kids friendly, consist of swings and slides, and other activities that help children grow and develop.

But how does playing outside help kids learn?

When your kid builds sandcastles or climbs the slide, they’re improving their motor skills while having fun!

Moreover, kids love to act and play. When outside in the school grounds, children run, come up with new ideas and games to kill time which aids in enhancing physical and mental development with complete entertainment.

But do these preschools in Dubai let the little ones alone outside? Shouldn’t they be supervised? Or is it wise to let them be on their own?

As much as Mosaic nursery in Dubai and other best nurseries in Dubai emphasized outdoor playing for learning, they are always under the complete supervision of a playworker.

Playworker Role in Play

Who is a playworker? Playschool in Dubai like Mosaic Nursery have playworkers hired that not only supervise the kids playing outside in the open grounds of the school but design activities that help improve learning.

Playworkers are facilitators or teachers who plan, organize and conduct activities with children while being an active part of it.

Have you ever seen a teacher running around with the kids and playing hide and seek? Or helping them through the treasure hunt? These are who exactly playworkers are.

People hired at this position are responsible to design activities that are not just fun but allows them to explore the surroundings and improve in-built skills. Not only is outdoor play necessary for improving mental growth and motor skills but also keeps the children physically fit.

In a time when kids are more inclined towards eating fast food that leads to unnecessary weight gain, the outdoor activities conducted by playworkers at preschool in Dubai ensure the children remain physically fit and active.

But why is it necessary to hire a playwork? This is because they work along with the kids far better than other teachers who do not hold the related experience and most importantly, the design activities that are not only fun but highly educational.

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