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Parents Interview- Questions And Answers For Kids Admission

Parents Interview- Questions and Answers for kids Admission

The nurseries are considered as the gateway for getting admission in reputable schools for your kids. When preparing your child for nurseries in Dubai, you make sure to teach as many things as possible. But do you know that your child may not get admission only because of YOU?


Yes, it’s true
, nowadays, as the competition is getting tough and thousands of applications are received for admission. The criterion for selection is altered. Now parents are quizzed in detail so you have to be prepared as well. Want a little more suggestion on how to give Nursery School interview? Check out the below Parent-teacher interview questions that you may face and a few tips on the right way to give the interview.

Nursery Admission Interview Questions and Answers for Parents:

Below is the list of questions you may be asked while you take your kid for admission in School.  Let’s learn how to deal with such kind of questions.

Learn How To Give School Interview For Kids Admission

  1. Tell us something about your educational background?

Talk about your educational background, your professional degree, academic and professional achievements. How both of you can leverage your education to build a stronger personality of your child.

  1. Describe your child’s nature? Is he arrogant, stubborn or aggressive?

Don’t get panicked if your child is actually aggressive. Describe your child’s positive qualities like sharing, caring, well mannered, friendly, confident and loving, etc.

  1. Does the child lives in a joint family or belongs to a Nuclear family system?

If you both are working parents and living in a nuclear family in Dubai then describe how your extended family can support to take care of your child in your absence. If you live in a joined family then describe how you all contribute in making your child a stronger and better person.

  1. Are you both working parents? If yes then how will you manage to coordinate with the kid’s school timings?

If you are a working couple then describe your plan that who is going to pick the kid from school, how the kid is going to do the homework, ensure the kid will reach the home safely.

  1. Have you taught something to your kid?

During these years, you must have taught basic lessons to your kid like nursery rhymes, colors, shapes, words, sounds, story-telling etc. If you have taught anything special, do mention it.

  1. Have you potty trained your child?

This seems weird, but yes it is important for the school to know if your child can inform his needs to go to the washroom as he/she will spend a considerable amount of time at school.

  1. Any specific reason for selecting our school?

Describe how you come to know about this school, good qualities, staff, market reputation and other qualities like affordable, nearby your house, etc.

  1. What is your kid’s eating habits? What kind of food does he like to eat?

Talk about his eating habits, what kind of food he enjoys to eat, what are your plans to give him in lunch at school, any specific thing he is allergic to.

  1. What do you do to keep him/her disciplined? Do you punish the kid?

Make sure that you focus on maintaining discipline that doesn’t destroy the personality of a child. Like hitting or shouting etc. Punishment may include No ice-cream, no bed time stories or anything your child loves.

  1. Does the child have any serious health issues?

Be honest and talk about all the medical records of your child, this will not affect his admission certainly. Make sure all the vaccinations are done properly. Talk about his health issues so that the school will take care of the child properly in your absence.

  1. What do you want your child to be? How do you want us to help these ambitions to be fulfilled?

This may seem too early to dream about your child’s future but you surely want your child to be “something” like doctor, engineer or anything as per his inclination.  Discuss what your expectations from the pre-school.

  1. How is your married life? How is the home environment?

The environment at home directly affects a child’s personality. Don’t feel shy about telling if you both argue on something frequently just convince them that the environment won’t affect the child at all.

Hope this article helps you in preparing yourself for your kid’s admission. Be confident and honest. Dress yourself and your kid really well, read all the information on the school website to be proactive.

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