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Nursery Reopening In JLT, Dubai

Nursery Reopening in JLT, Dubai

COVID-19 Information for the Mosaic Community

As one of the highly reputable nurseries in Dubai, Mosaic Nursery JLT campus is pleased to welcome all children safely back to school after coronavirus. We understand that the risk of getting infected has not been completely averted, hence, our staff has designed specific protocols that align with the official health guidelines.

In our efforts to be one of the best nurseries in Dubai, here are some safety measures that are being followed at the Mosaic Nursery in Dubai to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

COVID-19 Information for the Mosaic Community

Don’t forget your masks:

It is mandatory for all the children, staff, and parents to wear masks. Make sure that your child is wearing a comfortable cloth mask with elastic ties. Surgical masks can be irritating and may slide down frequently. Babies under two years are not required to wear a mask as there is a danger of suffocation. Maintaining a safe distance will do the job for infants.

Keep your hands germ-free:

The staff at Mosaic Nursery in JLT will make sure that children are washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds especially before and after mealtime. We have placed hand sanitizers everywhere and also prepared a big poster to encourage and remind children about this healthy practice.

Hygiene and cleanliness:

All the classrooms, bathrooms, reception, and common areas will be properly cleaned by using soap/ detergent and water. Afterward, proper sterilization by using chemicals will be carried out all over the facility.

All surfaces and objects that are touched frequently will be sanitized on daily basis. This includes sanitization of toys, chairs, doorknob, play areas, hands-on learning items, desk, faucet handles, diaper changing stations, etc. Moreover, sharing will be not allowed to reduce the risk of infection.

Stay at home when sick:

Any child showing symptoms of COVID-19 which include fever or chills, cough, breathing difficulty, tiredness, muscle or body pain, headache, loss of smell or taste, pain in throat, runny nose, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. In the meantime, your child may avail of our virtual learning opportunities.

Preliminary check upon arrival:

The temperature of all the staff members and kids will be checked through a digital thermometer before entering the preschool premises. Anyone with a body temperature of 100.4 Fahrenheit or above will not be allowed inside the nursery.

Maintaining a safe distancing:

Mosaic Nursery in JLT has rearranged every classroom to accommodate only 10 children per class. A safe distance of a minimum of 1.5 meters will be maintained among children and teachers.

Other important protocols include the following points:

  • The kids will be given basic training on the first day of reopening like not to touch their eyes, nose, mouth, hug, handshake, etc.
  • If a child falls ill, he/she will be isolated until their parents come to pick them up. The isolation room will be thoroughly disinfected afterwards to avoid transmission of disease.
  • Being a facility that also caters to infants, we have trained our caregivers to wash their hands and wear gloves.
  • Parents are encouraged to pick and drop their kid every day.
  • Maximum 96 hours negative COVID-19 test reports are required for all the teachers, administrative staff, drivers and security staff members to visit the school.

Thank You to our Healthcare Workers!

A tribute to UAE’s frontline workers from the children of our Early Learning Centre in JLT:

Mosaic Nursery in Dubai pays tribute to the fearless and hardworking medical professionals, all around the world, for their extraordinary services during these tough times. Thanks to our heroes that we will be stepping into a safer tomorrow soon. Our children showed their appreciation for Dubai’s frontline workers who have been risky their lives to keep us healthy amid the pandemic.

Thank You from our Teachers

The teachers at Mosaic Nursery, JLT salute all the frontline workers who showed great courage and strength during these testing times. Tough times won’t last but tough people do. We’re all in this together and we are supporting them by following all necessary guidelines to prevent the spread of the disease.

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