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No More Chaos – Have Fun Summers With Mom & Toddlers

No More Chaos – Have Fun Summers with Mom & Toddlers

As summer is approaching, parents are anxious to look for ideas to keep their toddlers busy throughout the day. The actual nerve-wracking task for moms is not just to keep the kids involved but to continuously plan activities that are productive and vivacious at the same time.

If you are a mom who is equally excited about the summer holiday then you really need to structure each and every day with lots of fun activities to keep your child busy.

Here are some activities compiled by the teachers of Mosaic Nursery JLT to make the summer holidays more adventurous and memorable for your brood.

  1. Scavenger hunt:

This activity is not only exciting for toddlers but at the same time improves their cognitive and problem-solving skills. You can use this activity to teach different concepts to the kids. For instance, you can teach them about nature, number, alphabet, color, shapes, and many more concepts.

  1. Sensory Bottles:

Make exciting sensory bottles with your toddlers by simply using the old plastic bottle, add some corn syrup in it and some pebbles. Now you can add a shimmery alphabet or number confetti to make the sensory bottle as a source of playful learning during summer.

  1. Squirt Gun Art:

Kids want more fun time during the summer holidays, so let them be a little messy. This is a thrilling art experience that will definitely kill their boredom. All you need is just an easel with watercolor sheets, some watercolors, and a squirt gun/a spray bottle. If you don’t have an easel then just stick the sheet with the tape on the tree at your backyard.

  1. Science Experiments:

You can involve your toddler in science experiments with simple ingredients from your kitchen. Take baking soda, give a dropper to your kid to add food color and drizzle vinegar. The baking soda and vinegar experiment is hit for toddlers who love the fizz up of vinegar.

  1. Blow the Bubbles:

Make a bubble solution with a dishwashing liquid, light corn syrup, and water. Blowing bubbles are the easiest yet fun-filled activity for kids during summer.

  1. Pretend Play:

Preschools in Dubai encourage pretend playing activity as it helps in building up the cognitive, emotional and social skills of kids.

Pretend play also helps in language development as the kids can freely use vocabulary without any hesitation of using it incorrectly so it gives them more confidence to re-enact the story and perform as their favorite characters.

Get some interesting pretend play toys like Walkie Talkie, Doctor set, Shopping cart, Supermarket set, Makeup suitcase, Kitchen set, Tool kit, Gardening set and much more.

We would suggest the parents living nearby Jumeirah to visit Mosaic Nursery, JLT as it is one of the best nurseries in Dubai that provide high-quality early childhood learning in really affordable rates so you can relax back at home or work with peace at the office while your child nurture in a safe environment.

If you are looking for summer camps in Dubai, then you should definitely visit Mosaic Nursery as they have professional staff with a safe and healthy environment and their teaching style is fun-filled and vivacious.

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